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The Superior Vintage Seiko Quartz Movements
Following this write up on the Quartz Revolution, it seemed appropriate to dig a little deeper into the topic of Seiko quartz movements. More precisely, a family of movements that many vintage collectors describe as “superior” and “elite” when compared to their...
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“Quartz Crisis” or “Quartz Revolution”?
Isn’t it fascinating how people can see the same event from two different perspectives? Seiko's release of their first quartz-powered model in 1969 is often referred to as the start of the “Quartz Crisis”. It plunged the Swiss watchmaking industry into despair...
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Tudor Pelagos FXD in Black
Today, Tudor released a black Pelagos FXD inspired by their decades of collaboration with the US Navy. To be clear, this release is not an official collaboration with the US Navy, it’s simply an adaptation inspired by past efforts. According...
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What Do Words on a Dial Say About A Watch?
Most of the time, the words printed on watch dials tell a story: who made it, what kind of watch it is, where it was made, and its core specifications. Some brands want you to know so much about their watches that...
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Grand Seiko sbgh263
This won’t come as a surprise to you: a watch must be legible in order to fulfill its primary function of telling the time. However, not all watches were designed with superlative legibility in mind. Those with additional complications were...
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