Clash of the Rolex Superheroes - The Batman (GMT-Master II BLNR) vs. The Hulk (Submariner - Green)

Welcome back, watch fam. Today, we’ve got an in-depth, epic battle for you, a real clash of the titans...Batman vs The Hulk...the Rolex watch version, anyway. We’re going to compare the Rolex “Batman” GMT-Master II 116710 BLNR to the Rolex “Hulk” Submariner 116610 LV.  Rolex partnered with Pan Am Airlines in the 50s to create a watch that their pilots could use to easily switch between time zones. Due to this need, the GMT-Master 6542 was born and officially introduced to the public in 1954. The model exploded in popularity ten years later on the wrist of Pussy Galore in the film “Goldfinger.” This BLNR variant of the current GMT-Master II was issued in 2013, earning the nickname “the B...


#everestman @bzabodyn214

We’re back with another great story from a fabulous watch photographer and watch enthusiast @bzabodyn214. @bzabodyn214 is a commercial banker for a publicly traded Texas-based bank, but he doubles as a watch-flipper and watch social media influencer. His watch interest started in his teen years - when G Shocks were becoming popular - and in high school and college, he noticed watches everywhere. On teachers, professors, in public, etc, the more he saw, the more his interest grew. Growing up in Texas, @bzabodyn214 noted there were Rolexes everywhere you turned. “I told myself when I got my first job and started making money I would buy myself a ‘nice’ watch, and I saved up and bought a Ta...


Meet @SubGuy116610

Throughout the history of our company, we have been privileged to meet some fascinating and passionate individuals in the watch world. Everyone has a story to tell - from all different ages, all different backgrounds. Our history, our experiences mold us to be the individual we are today, and we are incredibly excited to be able to talk with watch enthusiasts from all walks of life to discover their watch story. What is it that has made them a watch wearer today in a day in age where to tell time does not require to wear a watch? We were able to talk with one of our customers and ask him some questions to discover a bit more about himself and his fascination with timepieces and of course...


The Black Bay 58 vs. The Black Bay

We had the opportunity to snag the much-sought-after Tudor Black Bay 58 by chance during our travels to Switzerland. Of all places, we found ours in a jewelry store in the airport on our way home.  In our short time with the watch, we can say the 58 lives up to the hype. In short: It addresses all of the complaints watch collectors had about the original Black Bay. We’ve heard the original, released in 2013, was too tall, too thick, too wide, just not the right proportions. Perhaps this was intentional, as Tudor wanted to separate its steel dive watch from its older brother company’s Rolex Submariner models, which are closer in proportion the 58.  Nevertheless, the original Black Bay ha...


Rolex and Tudor 2019 Baselworld Predictions (and We're Usually Right)

This Baselworld will be incredibly different than years past due to the dropout of a lot of large brands like Omega, Blancpain and Maurice Lacrois (Swatch Group is the big ship jumper). But, that has not stopped the stir on the forums and Instagram of what will be releasing this spring from Rolex and Tudor. Here are what Everest thinks will be coming in 2019 from these two incredible Swiss brands. Just for clarification we are in no way affiliated with Rolex or Tudor. These views are our own on what could happen at Baselworld 2019.     First, we feel that Rolex will drop a new Submariner with Date. Most likely, they will shock us all with first coming out in an all gold model or some s...


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