A Review of the GMT Master Pepsi

One of the longest lived and most popular watches from Rolex is the GMT Master 2 Pepsi edition with its bezel in bright red and blue. In this review from Everest Horology, we’ll be exploring the history, design, and functionality of this world-traveling watch. Grab a can of bubbly cola, buckle up tight, and set your tray table to the upright and locked position. This is the Rolex GMT Master 2 Pepsi. The GMT Master Pepsi was born from a marriage between Rolex and Pan Am Airlines back in the 1950s. Pan Am needed a watch for their pilots that was not only highly accurate, but one that could change time zones on the fly, so to speak. To accomplish this, Rolex devised an astonishingly simple ...


Check Out this Exciting News - A New EH5!

We’ve got some super exciting news! The most popular Everest watch band has received an update. Hang in there while we get technical on our watch bands. While the fit and material has remained the same, there are a few visual and structural differences to note. Firstly, and one of the most noteworthy structural change is the addition of a channeling system. We’ve had some #watchfam feedback that the previous EH5 model lead to tearing at the tongue holes after extensive, tight wear. In order to remediate this issue, we have added a channeling system - as appears on the EH11 Tudor rubber watch band. This channeling system not only reinforces the tongue holes, but it also provides a pathway ...


Have you Seen the new Everest Watch Rolls?

Super fun stuff coming at you this summer #watchfam. Have you seen the new Everest Watch Rolls Just Released? New colors in new sizes! This spring Everest Bands released two new colors for the watch roll in the 2, 3, and 4 slot options. Espresso Brown was added, but the Vintage Brown option received an update as well. The interior of the watch roll is slightly softer as well. The Espresso Brown is a deep, rich brown reminiscent of a deep, glorious cup of espresso or coffee - hence the name. With a tan interior that perfectly compliments the color and draws attention to the center stage where your timepieces are housed. The new Vintage Brown with the tan interior and dark brown stitching...


A Man and His First Sip of Rootbeer

The hunt for my first Rolex began when I was a freshman in college. I held a summer job in a machine shop, making just enough money hourly to present a danger to myself: the young watch obsessive. Having been driven deeper into the hobby by ownership of the greats we all know from Seiko and Hamilton, I was greedy for a taste of the crown. I knew that better watches existed than Rolex, sure; I fully understood that better value could be had in other brands… but other brands weren’t Rolex. No, the budding watch connoisseur knew (or self-righteously believed) that satisfaction could only come from an oyster case and a cyclops date magnifier, topped off with the world's most iconic coronet. ...


How To Install a Watch Band

In this blog of our How-To series, we’re going to show you how to install your new Everest band. If you have a rubber, curved leather, steel end link leather, nylon, or a deployant, we’ve got you covered. So settle in, grab your Everest tool kit, pour a cup of coffee, and let’s install that strap. First up, gather your supplies: your Everest spring bar tool and screwdriver, a cloth to make a safe working area, and some tape. This tape can be anything with a lower tack, like scotch tape, electrical tape, or painter’s tape. Anything stronger is going to leave a ton of sticky mess on your watch and probably catch some arm hair too. Take small pieces of that tape, and wrap it around your lug...


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