Marketing Brilliance by Hans Wilsdorf

Hans Wilsdorf was a brilliant businessman. He built his company on precision and reliability but also marketed his brand by providing remarkable timepieces to remarkable figures at the time. He interwove Rolex into historical figures' stories. He presented 20th century influencers and icons with Rolexes to wear to increase exposure and brand image. Amongst those famous people was Winston Churchill. Winston Churchill was a legendary figure in Great Britain’s history who happened to love watches. He used the power of words to rally a nation during World War 2. Symbolizing both inner strength and resistance, Winston Churchill was a remarkable leader, a skilled public speaker and even won ...


Everest Man Profile: @horologyandtechnology - From High Tech to Haute Horology

At Everest, we’ve met a lot of watch guys in our time. Many have become close friends; a few have become true ambassadors of our brand. Of these, one particular person stands out as a class act: @horologyandtechnology on Instagram, also known as Josh in real life. Josh has impeccable taste in watches, owning a white Patek Philippe Nautilus, fondly called the “garage door” thanks to Instagram heckling that became part of his page’s vernacular; an Audemars Piguet ultra-thin Royal Oak; a classic Rolex Explorer; a 1675 Rolex GMT “Pepsi” and “Root Beer;” and a Rolex Day-Date wood dial, bark band. The collection is constantly evolving, since Josh actively bids on vintage timepieces from the va...


Why Rolex is A Legend

This #flashbackfriday we wanted to take a look back on some industry changing innovations released by Rolex over the years. One of the reasons Rolex watches are incredibly renown is due to their ingenuity and their execution of testing these innovations. Not only releasing the first waterproof case, they are also known for the release of the first self-winding watch and the first watch with a date. These are only the tip of the iceberg in the innovations that has propelled Rolex to the company it is today. Before cell phones existed, it was the innovations in watches that made different timepieces renown and usable as daily tools for different activities. In addition to the innovations, ...


Curved End Leather Watch Bands - A Wardrobe Essential

Everest Bands has really been focusing on expanding our curved end leather watch band options! In the last few months, we’ve released 5 new color combinations including: chestnut crown, chocolate brown, black with contrast stitch, black alligator embossed, and brown alligator embossed. Why? Because we want to give you options! We want you to be able to customize your Rolex with your favorite look. The vintage classic look is swamping the men’s fashion world right now. As Men’s Fashion Magazine notes: "There’s a sense of authenticity when it comes to wearing watches, a ‘blast from the past’ as it were. You’re setting a trend, a vintage, stylish trend and when your sleeves are rolled up...


How to Use a Chronograph

Chronographs were originally used for horse racing and aviation, but then expanded to automobile racing as well as naval and submariner natviation. Using a chronograph is actually very simple. The confusing part is understanding how to determine how the information is useful. Photo by @timevaluestl In the early 20th century, manufacturers began selling watches with a fixed bezel to operate as a Tachymeter, or a scale that allows the wearer to compute a speed  based on travel time or measure distance based on speed. So, you start the chronograph and once the desired distance has been reached, the point on the scale that lines up with the second hand indicates the average speed reached ...


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