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Why I Bought a Seiko SKX013 in 2023
The Seiko SKX series โ€“ produced from 1996 to 2018 โ€“ includes hundreds of references. Forty-six of those references are dive watches. A handful of those dive watches are bonafide icons, the most popular being the 42.5mm SKX007. If you...
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The Ultimate Tool Watch: Diver GMT
Given how advanced smartphones and smartwatches have become, itโ€™sย quite interesting to me that the demand for mechanical tool watches hasnโ€™t decreased. The latest Apple Watch Pro does more than any mechanical watch ever could:ย better, more accurately and for less money...
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Only Watch Auction
โ€œPiece Uniqueโ€. No matter what hobby youโ€™re involved in or what you collect, when you hear those two words together you automatically know that something is rare, exclusive, and special. That was the idea behind the Only Watch Auction -...
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Tudor Watches That Are Similar To Rolex Part II
Following up on my recent article, Tudor Watches That Are Similar to Rolex Part I, weโ€™ve now arrived at Part II. Today weโ€™ll cover the similarities (and differences, of course) between diving watches, chronographs, and everyday GADA watches made by...
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TAG Heuer Skipper
TAG Heuer is one of those brandsย with a decades-long back catalog ofย incredible pieces. The Monaco, Carrera, andย as you may have guessed, the Skipperย have certainly achievedย legendary status. However, over the last 15 years or so, the brand has received a lot...
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Hidden Gems: Rolex Deals in November 2023
Happy Halloween! For this installment of Hidden Gems โ€“ our biweekly series highlighting the best deals in used Rolex โ€“ we have a high-flying everyday watch, a not-quite-vintage chronograph, and a few colorful dials to brighten your day. Letโ€™s take...
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