Installing your new Everest Band can be done easily at home using our toolkits and by following the instructions on our Installation Page.  Professional installation is recommended as Everest is not responsible for injury or damage to one’s self or watch.

Deployant Strap Sizing

Sizing your Everest Deployant Strap is easy! The sizing correlates to the number of links on both sides your existing watch bracelet. Please watch this short video: Deployant Sizing Guide, which shows you exactly how to find the right size for your deployant strap.


The tang buckle style strap is a full strap that includes 9 sizing holes, sturdy strap keepers, and a high quality 316L stainless steel buckle closure. These straps often come in standard and short sizes and universally fit most wrists.

A deployant style strap is a strap that integrates into your existing watch deployant clasp. Deployant straps do not come with buckle, but rather are intended to be used with your existing watch deployant clasp. For deployant straps, sizing is specific to your wrist and watch size. Please see the Deployant Sizing Guide to make sure you are choosing the correct size.

Everest uses only the highest quality materials for all of their watch straps, tools, and accessories. From top tier Swiss made FKM vulcanized rubber to the finest Italian Nappa leather, Everest strives for perfection and luxury in all of its product offerings. Explore our Everest Premium Materials page to learn more.

Yes. Everest Rubber straps are hypoallergenic. Everest rubber straps are also resistant to UV Rays, dust, stains, stretch and tear. The extreme durability of this premier rubber material is only rivaled by its incredible comfort.

Everest rubber watch bands can easily be cleaned with dish soap and a toothbrush. The Everest leather watch bands are not waterproof and should be patted dry immediately if exposed to moisture. The Everest nylon straps are sweat resistant but not waterproof.

Everest straps are made in Switzerland by top watch industry experts.

Shipping and Ordering

Yes! Everest offers free shipping on all orders over $100 to customers within the USA, EU, and UK. For customers in areas outside of these countries, competitive shipping rates and options are available at checkout.

All orders and shipments will ship from one of our shipping locations either in the US or UK depending on your location.

Everest covers VAT, customs, and taxes for customers in the UK as well as offers free shipping for all orders over the equivalent of $100 in these locations. We have committed to having a dedicated website and dedicated fulfillment center for several countries to make accessing Everest products easy for our customers. Please choose your country in the upper left corner of the website.

Because of this, sometimes there may be a discrepancy in what is in stock in the USA and what is available in other countries. Certain products are location-based and will only be available in certain regions.

Everest ships to the USA, EU, UK, and several other countries worldwide. When visiting the website, make sure to choose your location by clicking the dropdown marked "select your location" in the upper left corner of the website. This will allow you to access the correct website to shop available products and easily ship to your desired country.

To ensure the satisfaction of customers, Everest fulfills and ships order very quickly. Most customers will receive their package within 2-5 business days after placing an order. Expedited shipping is offered for an additional fee.

In an attempt to make sure our customers receive their straps and accessories as fast as possible, our orders are fulfilled almost immediately after they are placed. Due to this, we are unable to cancel or modify orders once placed.

If you placed and order by mistake or would like a different product, you will need to initiate a return or exchange through our return portal. Luckily returns and exchanges are extremely fast, and we can often get your exchange processed or your refund issued within a few days.

Returns and Exchanges

Everest is happy to help with returns and exchanges. Please see our Returns and Exchanges Page for full details on the policies and access to the customer portals.


Everest offers a limited 2-year warranty on all rubber straps and a limited 1-year warranty on all leather straps. Please send all warranty inquiries to and include a photo of the issue as well as your order number.

Warranty exchanges can only be requested as an exchange for the same product. Warranty does not cover damage, misuse, accidents, loss, theft, normal wear and tear, or any watch part.

Accessories, such as watch rolls, pouches and boxes, are covered under a 1-year Limited Warranty.

Please send all warranty inquiries to and include a photo of the issue as well as your order number.

Warranty exchanges can only be requested as an exchange for the same product. Warranty does not cover damage, misuse, accidents, loss, theft, normal wear and tear, or any watch part.

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Everest Gift Cards

Yes! Everest sells digital gift cards. These gift cards are delivered via email and never expire. There are several denominations to choose from. Everest Gift Cards are the perfect gift for the watch lover in your life.