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Do We Really Need Luminescent Paint?
After writing about five specifications we don’t need everyday as well as the history of luminescent paint, I thought we should spend a little more time discussing lume and whether or not we need it. Lume has become something many watch enthusiasts/collectors...
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Hidden Gems: Rolex Deals in Late November 2023
For this installment of Hidden Gems – our biweekly series highlighting the best deals in used Rolex – we have an adventure-oriented everyday wear, a quirky rectangular dress piece, and an ultra-2000s watch with a pinch of precious metal. With...
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Event Recap: Intersect LA 2023
The founders of Nodus Watches, Wesley Kwok and Cullen Chen, started their watch brand in 2017. They have gained quite a following over the last five years. Watch enthusiasts appreciate Nodus’ variety of well-built affordable watches, which includes divers, pilot's...
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Watch Specifications We Don’t Need Everyday
Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like more and more watch reviews are putting too much emphasis on specifications rather than design and price. We, as a community, have become obsessed with getting the best value we can get out of our...
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The New OMEGA Planet Ocean is How Much?
To say that I'm obsessed with the color gray is an absolute understatement. From fashion, to home decor, and especially watches (shout out to my favorite gray dial watch that I sold and still secretly regret), the color gray has...
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Speculating on Future Swatch Collaborations
Today, I’d like to speculate on future collaborations between Swatch and the brands that exist under the Swatch Group umbrella. Nobody saw the MoonSwatch coming and even fewer people (I don’t know how that would even be possible) saw the Blancpain x Swatch Scuba Fifty...
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