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Yes, You Need To Change Your Watch's Spring Bars
Despite being integral to most watches' designs, spring bars often go overlooked. These spring-loaded telescoping cylinders are responsible for keeping the strap or bracelet on your watch, and therefore keeping your watch on your wrist. They also secure clasps/buckles to straps and...
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Have Rolex Watches Gotten Better Over Time?
“Rolex really screwed up this time! The new Submariner is a step in the wrong direction. It's nowhere near as good as the last one,”. Have you seen a post like this on the internet before? Ever noticed that the...
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Swimming With a Gold Rolex? It's More Common than You Think
Rolex’s new yellow gold Deepsea was met with mixed reactions. Pricing aside, many questioned the practicality of solid gold deep-diver. Honestly, I don't blame anyone for raising this question. When I picture a hyper-capable dive watch, I picture one in steel or titanium. These metals are...
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Hands-On with the Laurent Ferrier Classic Moon
This year at Watches and Wonders, Laurent Ferrier unveiled two versions of the all-new Classic Moon: an annual calendar moonphase utilizing the brand’s existing ‘Classic’ case design. Available in blue and silver dial configurations, the Classic Moon embraces late-19th, early-20th...
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In-House Movements in 2024: An Updated Look
One of my earliest articles was a think piece on the phrase “in-house movement”. Reading this article back, it’s clear that I did my research, but it’s also clear (to me, at least) that I hadn’t sat with the concept...
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Three of Rolex's Most Successful Marketing Efforts
The world of luxury watches is as much about brand perception as it is about craftsmanship and precision engineering. While you may look elsewhere for show-stopping complications, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a brand with stronger marketing than Rolex. Over...
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