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american watch
Today we’re introducing a new series here on the Everest Journal – American Watch Wednesday. And the title means just what it says. Each week we’ll go exploring American watch brands past and present – and future. We’ll take a look...
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everest green watch strap
Editor’s note: for obvious reasons we don’t have a lot of pictures to show you today. We’ll get right on that though. Have you been wondering about Everest’s coming attractions? By now, you’ve realized that, even though we offer rubber...
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rolex service pouch
Ah, the Rolex service pouch. That beautiful little construct of green leather – possibly pebble grained (pigskin?), more likely suede – perfectly sized to protect your Rollie from the bumps and bruises of travel to and from the service center....
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rolex submariner
Patina on a vintage Rolex is nice, right? The various nicks, scratches, faded lume, and that grail of collectors, the tropical dial? In fact, collectors will pay extra for it. Polish that 5513 Submariner at your peril. But you’ve just...
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Does Philipp Stahl over at Rolex Passion Report know something we don’t? The run-up to Baselworld is a silly season of sorts, with watch journalists and geeks alike, trying to guess what the brands are going to release this year....
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-4/+6 Is For Wimps. -2/+2 Is Where It’s At
Rolex quietly dropped a bombshell last week. But wait. Let’s back up. Back to Baselworld 2015 and the introduction of the Day-Date 40. When they introduced that watch, they also announced the calibre 3255 it contained was good to -2/+2...
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