by Aleta Saeger November 16, 2019 2 min read

There’s no doubt that the Black Bay line has become the darling of Tudor’s North American rebirth. For one thing dive watches remain a staple of conveying a sporty, casual look, popular in even office settings these days.  

The Black Bay look is simple and clean and is arguably more versatile that its titanium cousin the Tudor Pelagos. The Black Bay begs for a strap change and we are proud to offer rubber and leather straps (that fit the case with no gap) for references 79230DK, 79540, 79543, 797220N, 79220B, & 79220R (basically the original 41mm case versions).

One of our favorite pairing is the original red bezel insert model with our brown leather strap. The warm of the gilt dial and deep red hues go especially well with brown, whether dark or lighter shades. 

But as dive watches go, you can’t go wrong the functional and cool rubber strap, available in black, blue and orange. Don’t shy away from orange rubber, as it can really add punch to your overall look.

Our love for the Black Bay

There’s been a special place in our hearts for the Tudor Black Bay. Not only does it carry on the tradition of vintage inspired dive watches, the modern take has its own identity. The watch does wear big, but it looks purposeful and powerful. Our members own several Black Bay models, including the Black Bay Black with the ETA movement and the Bucherer Bronze model with blue dial. There’s just something about the look that puts a smile on our face as we strap one on.

Made for strap changes

Unlike most Rolex sport models, the Black Bay was never sold with a bracelet-only mandate. You can buy with a leather strap, which automatically breaks any notion that it should be on its bracelet. Thereby, Black Bay owners enjoy swapping out their straps with leather options for that vintage-inspired look. Here at the Everest office we don leather from Fall through Winter and swap for rubber once the temperatures hit above 60. Go ahead and frequently change the look of your Black Bay. It’s a watch meant for having several identities.

Aleta Saeger
Aleta Saeger