Rolex Submariner no-date or date?

Rolex Submariner no-date or date?

Recently, we’ve been on a kick with one of of the all-time classic watches period: the Rolex Submariner. We’ve been admiring it in all of its forms, staring lovingly at our friend Andrew’s 5513 as well as Alan’s super bold modern 114060. The design is so appealing (and, boy, did Rolex nail the proportions on the Submariner) that it transcends the feeling that it’s ubiquitous in boardrooms and any social gathering. There’s a reason it’s so popular.

For those in the market for a Sub, a common dilemma is whether one should opt for the no-date version of the one with the date window (most commonly adorned with a cyclops magnifying bubble). For traditionalists, there is actually only one Submariner, the one without a date complication. The version with the date window is called a Submariner Date, so officially not THE Submariner, but formalities aside, choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and preferences.

Everest team member Patrick recently acquired a 16610 Submariner Date and he’s fallen in love with it. He has a stunning collection that includes a BLNR and he’s very much drawn to the relatively low-key look of the aluminum bezel insert, black diver. It really does match all but the most formal outfits, although one could argue that James Bond wore on with a tuxedo so it’s OK for all get ups.

Rolex Submariner no-date or date?

Date or no-date?

Quite simply there are those who just can’t live without a date complication. The frustration of looking at their wrist an unable to get the day of the month while signing checks is not acceptable. By all means, go for the Submariner Date, no matter what so-called purists may think. The old adage “Buy what you like” is still the best rule of thumb in this hobby.

For those who want the no-fuss clean look of the original Submariner without the date window, this is a fantastic clean. Maybe this Sub will be a weekend only watch so no need for a date complication, or maybe you are just fine pulling out your iPhone if you need the date. Or maybe you’re just that type of guy or gal who embraces simplicity. The OG Sub will work for you.

Then you can have fun deciding whether you want to go modern, vintage, or what we call “just a little older.” The ceramic modern versions are downright awesome. They wear bigger on the wrist and have an overall shinier appearance. If you want that look, go for it. Although we all know about the current (2019) shortage of steel sports model Rolexes available at the ADs, there are ceramic Subs available on the secondhand market.

And then there’s that bracelet…

Another key factor is whether or not you can embrace the jingly jangly feeling of the non-modern Oyster bracelet. For modern Rolex bracelet owners, it might feel like as if the older bracelets don’t feel high-quality enough. We get that, but most owners of the older style bracelets don’t report any day-to-day functional deficiencies. Many prefer the looser feeling, rattly pre-ceramic bracelets.

The modern Oyster with the (on-the-fly adjustable) Glidelock clasp is simply an engineering marvel.

We suggest, if you can, to try both styles on and judge for yourself. 

By all means, enjoy the world’s most recognizable watch

If you’ve been on the fence about acquiring a Submariner, just remember, you can’t go wrong with a tried-and-true classic. Happy hunting!

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  • MarkGregory

    Sub no date is my choice. I do love the Rolex cyclops. However, as stated in the article, I can always look at my phone if I want the date. Also, I tend to switch on and off with my watches so they run down while in the drawer. I don’t feel like having to reset the day feature every time it sits for a while.

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