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Today’s Basel Buzz is courtesy of Dirk Pitt Clive Cussler Doxa. Yes desk divers, that big orange beauty you see up above is Doxa’s new Sub 6000T. This piece officially lights the fuse on the ramp-up to the fiftieth anniversary...
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tudor black bay watch band
This just in! Social media is buzzing with this leaked photo. Is THIS what Tudor is about to announce at Baselworld? They’re calling it the Black Bay Bronze, and it’s got a definite boutique watch, vintage style vibe. The guys...
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baselworld tudor predictions
A few hours ago, Tudor dropped the photo below on Instagram. That followed the one they dropped yesterday. (Image credit: Tudor Watch) Ya think something’s going on with Rolex Junior? Or maybe I shouldn’t be calling them Rolex Junior. They’re...
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gmt watch strap band
Few watches are more iconic, or have a more interesting reason for being, than the Rolex GMT-Master. The watch was originally conceived in the early 1950s as a tool to keep airline pilots and their international passengers safe. You see,...
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bulova watch brand company
Bulova is one of the most iconic names in American watches. Indeed, it is iconic among the world’s watch brands. If you’re of a certain age, there’s a good chance your parents both wore Bulova watches. And then there’s the...
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baselworld news
It’s now a continual ramp up for next week’s opening of Baselworld. Bloggers the forums are past predicting and starting to talk about what they want to see from the brands. A little late perhaps, and it’s all hopeful dreaming anyway, right?...
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