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If Rolex watches were Olympic athletes
This week the 2021 Summer Olympics kicked off in Tokyo. While Omega announced some new Seamaster watches tied with the 2022 Games, we’re here to discuss some of our favorite all-time Summer Olympic athletes and what Rolex model is their...
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Are truly small watches on men making a comeback?
In a recent GQ cover story, actor Jason Sudeikis is shown wearing two Cartier watches that, by today’s standards, look tiny. Of course we know men regularly wore watches 34mm and under probably until the 1990s. But today, most men prefer watches...
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rolex submariner surrounded by many everest bands straps
The Rolex Submariner is an instant classic and its aesthetic is nearly instantly recognizable to all generations. While it may technically be a dive watch, it is incredibly versatile and looks great on just about everyone. Even with updates or...
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Can your Rolex be a “beater watch”?
In a recent article on Hodinkee, author James Stacey tackles the question: What really is a beater watch? It’s a great question as it’s a term that is widely used by watch enthusiasts, but does it mean that it’s a...
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Watch Memes: Rolex Scarcity Edition
Look, sometimes when things make absolutely no sense, all you can do is laugh. It’s certainly better than crying. While neither of these responses will actually make buying a Rolex at retail any easier these days, at least laughing will...
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