Best Accessories for Traveling With Watches

Best Accessories for Traveling With Watches

Traveling is a huge part of many people’s lives, whether it is a quick business trip or a week long holiday. No matter what you are doing or where you are going, it is essential to have the perfect watch to match the vibe. Everest understands this necessity, and offers many travel friendly tools and accessories that allow you to travel in style and to take your watches anywhere and everywhere.

Best Carry-On Watch Tools & Watch Accessories:

green leather watch pouch on a table outdoor with a rolex watch next to it and Sydney Australia in the background

Watch Pouch

In order to meet the needs of every traveler, Everest has created three different kinds of watch pouches. These pouches are perfectly designed to fit in any carry-on bag or briefcase, making this the perfect accessory for any busy business man or woman on the go. The three different types of watch pouches we offer, include leather, nylon and microfiber, each of which come with an insert that will keep your watch safe and scratch free.

blue leather watch pouch from brand everest with an omega watch on top

Watch Wallet

If you are a watch collector, then the watch wallet is the best match for you while traveling. This wallet holds up to three watches at a time, while keeping its sleek and slender shape, making it the perfect accessory for a carry-on bag. It is made of the highest grade Nappa leather and is lined with an Everest exclusive soft microfiber material. Each of the three watch slots has its own pouch with an insert to keep your watch safe and scratch-free.  blue leather watch wallet with 3 watches inside

Travel Tool Kit

It is always imperative to be prepared when you travel, so taking our travel tool kit with you ensures that you are ready to change the strap or tighten any parts of your watch on the go. This travel tool kit comes with a 1.66 screwdriver bit (for Oyster bracelets) or a 1.44 screwdriver bit (for Jubilee & Tudor bracelets) and a travel sized spring bar tool. The smaller size spring bar tool makes this tool kit very carry-on friendly. We checked the TSA website, and tools, such as screwdrivers less than 7 inches are allowing in your carryon bag. 

travel watch tool kit includes screwdriver and spring bar tool

Best Checked Luggage Watch Tools & Watch Accessories:

3 slot green leather watch roll with 3 luxury watches inside

Watch Rolls

If you are planning on traveling and checking a bag, the watch roll is the best, safest option for your watches because they take up a bit more space and offer more padding. Our watch rolls are made out of the highest quality Nappa leather and are lined with a soft microfiber material. Our watch rolls come in various sizes and color options, depending on your preference and needs. Each watch roll features compressible pillows that can accommodate various watch sizes, bracelets and straps. It also has a flat bottom that allows for a secure placement on any hard surface.  Everest watch rolls come in 4 size variations--1-slot, 2-slot, 3-slot, and 4-slot. They are also available in 5 color ways: Heritage brown, espresso brown, navy blue, green, and cork.4 slot leather watch roll with one watch sliding out on the sliding rails

Watch Portfolio

Our watch portfolio was created with the ultimate watch collector in mind. It is also made out of Nappa leather and is lined with our super soft microfiber material. This portfolio includes three microfiber watch pouches, holds up to 4 bands, and includes two slots to hold your watch tools. It is truly the best accessory for any watch collector who also enjoys traveling often. This accessory houses anything and everything you could need when traveling with multiple watches and straps. 

leather watch portfolio a flat bifold leather carrying case for watch straps watch tools and 3 additional snap in pouches to hold watches

Premier Tool Kit

The premier tool kit is another amazing option for traveling. It also includes a 1.66 screwdriver bit (for Oyster bracelets) or a 1.44 screwdriver bit (for Jubilee & Tudor bracelets) but this tool kit comes with a larger sized spring bar tool. This spring bar tool has an interchangeable and replaceable spring bar head, which includes a reversible tip for vintage style spring bars and a modern spring bar removal fork tip.The larger sized spring bar tool also allows for an easier installation process.  blue leather 2 slot watch roll with a premier watch tool kit next to it

Tweezer Tool Kit

Our best tool kit option that we offer is the tweezer tool kit. This is the ultimate tool kit that allows for an effortless and safe installation. It also includes a 1.66 screwdriver bit (for Oyster bracelets) or a 1.44 screwdriver bit (for Jubilee & Tudor bracelets) with the larger sized spring bar tool and a set of tweezers. The unique tweezer tool has very fine forked tips to reach into narrow openings, as small as 1mm. Our customers cannot say enough good things about this tool kit, which is also very travel friendly. 

tweezer tool for removing a watch bracelet and installing a watch strap easily

Everest has a travel friendly accessory and tool for all different kinds of customers. We strive to provide versatile products that meet the needs of everyone. If you love watches and you love to travel, Everest is the perfect place for you to shop! Why wait? Click HERE to shop our website!

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