Review of the Everest Universal Curved End Rubber Strap

Review of the Everest Universal Curved End Rubber Strap

Review by: Thomas P., customer - United Kingdom

universal curved end rubber strap on a Rolex datejust on a mans wrist

Photo Credit: @watchiologist Instagram

Overview of the Everest Universal Curved End Rubber Strap

Regardless of whether you have a Rolex or Tudor, or any other watch with a 20mm lug width, the Universal Everest rubber strap is not just an excellent strap, it is designed to fit a large variety of luxury watches. With the strap itself being Swiss-made, it is more than at home on the watch case of a luxury Swiss watch so you can wear your watch in full confidence. Despite certain straps being able to hug your watch case perfectly, the universal strap has been designed in such a way that it gives the look of the strap being perfectly designed for any watch, which makes it so versatile and impressive.

With its subtle raised centre and tapering bracelet, it really works with all watches with a lug width of 20mm. The black colour makes it very versatile, it doesn't matter what the colour of your watch is since black can go with everything. If that wasn’t already good enough, you can even choose the colour of your buckle to match your case. With silver, gold and black being available for the colours of the buckle, it's safe to say this strap can work with almost any watch you can think of!

MONTA branded watch on a curved end universal rubber watch strap, with white background

Installing the Universal Rubber Strap

Once you’ve removed your current bracelet from your watch, installing the universal Everest rubber strap could not be any easier. The spring bars installed on the strap are quick release ones meaning you do not need any tools, only your fingers. Within seconds you can have your watch paired nicely with a matte black rubber strap that feels incredible on the wrist.

underside of a universal rubber strap from everest bands you can see the tool-less quick adjust spring bars

The rubber perfectly bends to the curvature of your wrist and with 9 pin holes on the strap, finding the perfect size for your wrist will not be a problem at all. This is really great for the hotter months over summer, walking out of air conditioned buildings and into the blazing sun can cause your wrist to swell. Hence the ability of being able to have so much adjustment on the Everest rubber strap is one of many advantages to wearing it over any other strap choice. 

mans wrist wearing a tag heuer watch with an everest universal black rubber watch strap on it, european countryside in the background

Source: Instagram:@Simply_Wrist_Watches

There are so many watch brands that make fantastic watches but for some reason don’t offer any rubber strap choices, or if they do, they are sub-par. When they do offer strap choice, even brands such as Audemars Piguet and Rolex may make good rubber straps but because it's not their primary focus, they can sometimes not be the perfect strap. That’s exactly where Everest comes in, with years of experience and research and development in Swiss rubber strap making, they really know how to make the perfect rubber strap.

Everest Universal Rubber Strap on Tag Heuer, OMEGA, and more

I couldn’t find a rubber strap from Tag Heuer that fits my Tag Heuer Carrera, but having tried their rubber straps from other models, I was often disappointed with the result. All that has changed now that I tried the Everest Universal rubber strap. I’m very happy I’ve got the Everest universal strap on my Carrera. I love how it seamlessly fits and looks like it was made for it and it’s for that precise reason that this universal strap works so well. It doesn’t matter whether you have an Omega, Rolex, Tudor, Tagheuer or any other watch, so long as the lug width is 20mm the universal Everest strap will look and feel like it was supposed to come with your watch!

universal rubber watch strap on OMEGA speedmaster watch on wrist with a cityscape in the background

Source: Instagram: @flutedbezelcosmograph

Everest Universal Rubber Strap is the Best Watch Strap

You might be like me who used to only love watches on their bracelets but once you try the Everest strap you’ll wish you had done so sooner. Not only does your watch still look fantastic, it also reduces its attention. With watch prices being what they are, sadly watch robbery has increased but don't let this stop you from wearing your precious watches out. Wearing them on a rubber strap makes them far harder to identify whilst still giving you the joy and pleasure of wearing them. There are so many reasons to love the curved end universal rubber strap from Everest. So head on over to the Everest website to get your Universal rubber strap, no thought is needed on this purchase, it’s one of those must-haves watch accessories!

Review by: Thomas P.,  Customer - United Kingdom 

 Ps. Everest ships to the UK and the EU for FREE with VAT/Customs/Duty costs completely covered by Everest. Cheers!

Are you a German speaker? A German blogger reviewed the Universal strap as well! You can read his review here: Ein Band, Viele Uhren



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