How to Preserve The Bracelet And Maintain The Value Of Your Rolex

How to Preserve The Bracelet And Maintain The Value Of Your Rolex

Have you faced the dilemma of wanting to wear the Rolex you worked so hard to purchase on a regular basis, but also want to preserve the bracelet and maintain the value of the watch? Or, are you bothered by the chunkiness and heaviness of the original Rolex bracelet and want to change up the look of your watch? Everest has the perfect solution to these problems! We offer three amazing strap alternatives that will help to keep your original Rolex bracelet in pristine condition. 

one black rubber watch strap on a daytona rolex and one white rubber watch strap on a rolex submariner

Rubber Watch Straps:

Our most popular watch strap is our rubber option. They are waterproof, long-lasting and have resistance to UV rays, heat, cold, stretching, tearing, dirt, dust, abrasion, chemicals, and staining. The rubber is very soft but also very durable. Our rubber straps are Swiss-Made with Vulcanized Rubber and are of the highest quality. Our curved end rubber straps are made to fit your specific style of Rolex, Tudor or Panerai perfectly. Our unique curved end style ensures a tight fit to the watch with zero movement.

Rolex submariner watch on black rubber watch band by everest

Depending on your watch model, we offer different colors and two different style options, which are deployant and tang buckle. The deployant option is a great choice for those who would like to still use their original Rolex clasp, while the tang buckle option is better suited for those who would like to preserve the value of their original Rolex clasp. The deployant clasp is available in multiple size combinations to custom fit your watch and your wrist. It also incorporates your easy link or diver extension if applicable. Click HERE to shop our straps by watch brand and model! 

rolex submariner watch with orange rubber watch strap next to the original bracelet and a tool kit and a cork watch roll.

If you do not see your particular brand or model on our website, you are in luck because Everest has recently released a universal rubber strap option for any watch with a 20mm lug width. This is not your ordinary straight-end or flat rubber strap. This strap was made with an intentional curvature and radius of the strap that has been built into the mold, and when wearing the strap you can feel the insane comfort of premium vulcanized rubber. Not only is this strap versatile, but it is also equipped with a quick-release spring bar that allows for an easy and tool free installation. Click HERE to shop our universal rubber strap.

rolex submariner watch on green rubber strap with deployant clasp

Leather Watch Band:

Everest also offers curved end leather straps made of both Italian vegetable tanned leather, which are offered in both tang buckle and deployant option, and Italian perforated racing leather, which is the same high quality used in Italian and German sports cars.

rolex daytona watch on perforated leather strap

These straps also come in different color choices depending on your model and are made to fit your specific style of Rolex, Tudor or Panerai perfectly.  We also offer a unique leather steel end link strap that is designed to create a perfect connection, Everest’s patented steel end link keeps the quintessence of the watch. The steel end link option is also unique because it offers two alligator embossed options, black and brown. Click HERE to shop our straps by watch brand and model! rolex gmt and rolex sub on steel end everest leather watch bands

Everest also recently came out with a universal leather strap made for any watch with a 20mm or 22mm lug width. These straps are made out of the highest quality Italian leather and come in two lengths, regular and long. They also come in nine different color options and with various stitching color combinations. Click HERE to shop our universal leather strap collection!

3 nylon watch strap options from everest

Nylon Watch Strap:

The Everest nylon straps are made of high-quality interwoven textile material with a hypoallergenic lining. These straps come in several color choices: black, black with red accents, and black and white. Each of the three options will complement your watch perfectly and give it a sporty new look. Click HERE to shop our straps by watch brand and model!

2 rolex watches one on a nylon nato strap and one on a curved end rubber strapAnother amazing nylon option is our nato straps, which will fit any watch with a 20mm or 22mm lug width. We offer two different style options, the standard nato and the single pass, depending on your preference. These two styles come in fourteen different color combinations, giving you the ultimate choice experience. These straps are very reasonably priced as well, so they make a great option for our budget minded customers. Click HERE to shop our nylon nato strap collection!

4 different rubber and nylon watch strap or watch band options on rolex watches

No matter what option you choose, you cannot go wrong! All of our products are made of the highest quality with our customers always in mind. We are constantly evolving and changing, making it so that our choices for our customers are fresh and new. It’s time to give your watch a new look, shop all of our products on our website HERE!

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