Your 2024 Watch Predictions: Rolex and Tudor

Your 2024 Watch Predictions: Rolex and Tudor

Ten days ago, we asked you to submit your 2024 watch predictions to Today, we’re sharing our three favorite submissions (six individual predictions) and sharing our thoughts on them. FYI, the aforementioned email remains open for all questions, inquiries, predictions, etc. If you’d like to talk watches or submit your thoughts (to be published or not) feel free to shoot us an email.

Rolex Daytona on Jubilee + RHD Sprite

Image Source: Redditor u/QuantumBitX

Dustin: I feel like we will see the Daytona offered on Jubilee. I don’t think we’ll see a Coke this year, but perhaps a RHD Sprite.

This is a fun one. While we haven’t seen a modern Rolex Daytona offered on a Jubilee bracelet, people have definitely made this pairing happen (as pictured above). Despite my knee-jerk reaction being one of hesitation, I quite like the combo. When I think of the Jubilee bracelet, I usually picture it paired with a fluted bezel, and while that isn’t always the case, it speaks to the design’s elegance and perception of “dressiness” (at least in my brain). While the Daytona is more-so a tool than the likes of a Datejust, for example, its modern incarnation is no less elegant or refined. I absolutely think that the modern Daytona works on Jubilee, and if last year’s gold GMT-Master II (also on Jubilee) is any indication of Rolex’s approach in years to come, we shouldn’t rule out anything as historically anomalous as a Daytona on Jubilee.

Rolex LHD Sprite

Image Source:

As much as I’d love to see a ‘Coke’ GMT-Master II, we could very well go another year without seeing one. If Rolex’s difficulties manufacturing red Cerachrom are as bad as people seem to think, offering a ‘Coke’ GMT in place of a ‘Pepsi’ wouldn’t make much sense. I like your RHD ‘Sprite’ prediction – this watch is well-within the realm of possibility considering the fact that its case and bezel insert are currently in production. 

Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’ in White Gold Only 

Image Source: Monochrome Watches

Justin: Instead of discontinuing the Pepsi, I feel like Rolex might just keep it in white gold.

While this would disappoint a lot of people, I quite like it as a prediction. In fact, I recently heard something similar from a team member here at Everest. Discontinuation rumors surrounding the ‘Pepsi’ GMT-Master II are well-chronicled at this point. In short, red Cerachrom requires a different manufacturing process from all other colors. This we know for sure: Rolex has a press release detailing their process of making bi-color Cerachrom inserts, specifically noting difficulties presented by the color red. However, it’s not like Rolex can’t make these inserts – we just don’t know how high the failure rate is. If it’s as high as is purported, reducing (if not halting) the output of ‘Pepsi’ bezel inserts would make sense. Offering the Pepsi exclusively in white gold, as Rolex did upon its 2014 revival, would be an easy way to lighten the load. If the steel Pepsi GMT disappears from the catalog, I imagine it will happen somewhat quietly. 

More White Rolex + Tudor METAS Rollout

Image Source: Monochrome Watches

Dale: I think Rolex will start using White on more dials. Tudor will start using more colours on dials and bezels and Metas will be in more timepieces.

Dale, great minds think alike! I think Rolex is due for another white dial. In my opinion, the Explorer is the perfect candidate for 2024. If you didn’t catch our prediction detailing the white dial Explorer, I suggest you give it a read. While this watch has been predicted for the past few years, 2024 feels like a strong possibility.

I completely agree with both of your Tudor predictions, and like the white dial Explorer, we’ve published related articles that talk specifics. A blue Tudor Pelagos 39 is all but an inevitability. A green comeback on the Black Bay 58 would be spectacular: maybe the dial and bezel this time. Regarding your METAS rollout prediction, I’d say it’s a safe bet. Tudor is on record (via Teddy Baldassarre’s interview with Cole Pennington) as saying “we will see the entire range become METAS-certified in due time”. I have a feeling that the Black Bay 58 is next in line, but whatever model gets the nod, there’s no doubt we’ll see a newly-METAS-certified Tudor this year.

Final Thoughts

I’d like to thank everyone who sent in predictions. Reading through them was sincerely fun – there were a few that I haven’t heard made elsewhere. As stated in the intro, our email remains open if you’d like to reach out with any questions, predictions, inquiries, etc. Whether or not you’d like them answered in article format is up to you.

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