Rumor Has It: Rolex is Discontinuing the GMT-Master II Pepsi

Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi

The Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II, arguably one of the most iconic and easily recognizable watches in the Rolex collection, has held a special place in the hearts of watch enthusiasts. Recent rumors all over the forums however have created a cloud of uncertainty surrounding this beloved model, insinuating that Rolex is contemplating discontinuing the Pepsi GMT Master II due to well-known bezel production issues. So does this mean the iconic Pepsi is headed out of showcases worldwide?

Before we get into the rumors circulating, let's take a moment to appreciate the significance of the Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II. Originally introduced in the 1950s when watches were worn for real-world, everyday use, the GMT Master series was designed for pilots allowing them to keep track of multiple time zones simultaneously. The highly contrasting red and blue bezel, reminiscent of the colors of the Pepsi logo, has become an iconic symbol in the world of horology.

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi

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In recent years, the introduction of Rolex’s Cerachrom bezel to the GMT Master II not only enhanced the watch's durability but also added a modern touch to its classic design. But unfortunately, this newer technology could lead to this iconic model’s downfall. Speculation surrounding the discontinuation of the Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II has been running rampant in watch forums and social media channels, citing alleged production issues related to the iconic red and blue ceramic bezel. According to these rumors, Rolex has been facing challenges in sourcing and manufacturing the Cerachrom bezels, which could lead to a potential decision to discontinue the model.

Rolex is notorious for its secretive nature, often keeping details about its production processes, innovations, and upcoming releases tightly under wraps. While the lack of official statements from the brand shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, it seems to be fueling the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the Pepsi GMT Master II. Let’s be honest, there’s a reason red ceramic watches and watch bezels aren’t commonplace in the industry. Working with ceramic in general is incredibly difficult due to the unique characteristics of the material. But red ceramic – that’s a whole additional level of complicated.

Achieving a vibrant and stable red color in ceramic can be challenging. The high temperatures involved in the sintering process (which is how ceramic is formed and hardened) can alter the pigments used for coloring. Red pigments are particularly susceptible to changes in color and can turn brown or orange during the firing process. Because of this, maintaining consistency in the color across a large production batch is a significant challenge. Even slight variations in temperature, pressure, or the composition of materials can result in color discrepancies among individual ceramic components. Achieving uniformity is crucial, especially for a brand in which precision and attention to detail are paramount.

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi

If you’re one to believe the rumors online, deliveries of the GMT Master II have been slow in retailers worldwide (though how anyone actually keeps up with this is beyond me). If the rumors are true, and Rolex does decide to discontinue the Pepsi GMT Master II, it will inevitably drive up demand and prices in the pre-owned market, making it even more sought after among collectors. But such an iconic watch in the Rolex collection surely wouldn’t be gone forever! The more than likely answer is that if there is a discontinuation, it would only be of the current model and only to pave the way for another update next year at Watches & Wonders. Which of course will still drive secondhand prices up substantially!

It's still probably a little too early to start speculating about what the iconic brand has up there sleeve for next April (maybe that GMT Master II Coke so many collectors have been hoping for), but if you ask me, it won’t be a discontinuation of the current Pepsi. While the production of red ceramic may be difficult, Rolex has proven it’s not completely impossible. What do you think? Is a discontinuation coming or is this maybe an effort by second-hand sellers to drive up the market price?

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