Tudor Predictions 2024: Blue Pelagos 39

Tudor Predictions 2024: Blue Pelagos 39

Last spring, I predicted that Tudor would release a blue version of the Pelagos 39: their amply-sized titanium dive watch. In that article, I admitted that 2023 might be a bit soon. . . and I was right. However, one year later, and approaching the 2-year anniversary of the Pelagos 39, I feel that a blue version is much closer than we think. As Ripley Sellers said following the initial launch, “a blue version of the Tudor Pelagos 39 seems inevitable”. After seeing the first-ever black Pelagos FXD last year, a blue 39 could be right around the corner. Still, the sunray finish of the existing Pelagos 39 continues to be a point of contention. So, let’s talk blue Pelagos 39: to sunray or not to sunray? Then, how likely are we to see a blue Pelagos 39 at Watches and Wonders?

What Would A Blue Pelagos 39 Look Like?

Tudor Pelagos 39

Image Source: hodinkee.com

Last year’s prediction primarily revolved around the Pelagos 39’s finishing. In short, the existing Pelagos 39 features a sunray finish on both the dial and bezel: a texture not seen on any other Pelagos model, and a highly-polarizing one at that. Many people feel that a so-called “true” dive watch should have a matte finish for legibility’s sake. After all, every other Pelagos follows this logic. Having tried on the watch several times, I see where this protest is coming from, but frankly, I think people are blowing it out of proportion. While you do get some additional light reflection, the Pelagos 39’s sunray finish – especially on the dial – is minimal and should not make or break your decision to purchase one.

All that said, I think matte is the way to go for a blue Pelagos 39. Ever since the first blue Tudor diver was released in 1975 (Submariner ref. 9401), the color has been matched with a matte finish. This iconic powder blue dial and bezel combo is emblematic of Tudor dive watches. Tudor has made an effort to uphold their history in both their Black Bay and Pelagos collections, and in my opinion, they’ve done a great job. Maintaining a matte blue finish on the Pelagos 39 feels like the right decision.

Will We See a Blue Pelagos 39 at Watches and Wonders 2024?

Blue Tudor Submariner

Image Source: analogshift.com

We very well could see a blue Pelagos 39 at Watches and Wonders. That said, 2024 is the 70th anniversary of the Tudor Submariner, and as far as dive watch releases are concerned, Tudor might want to focus on this historic anniversary. Furthermore, we’ve seen Rolex and Tudor stray more and more from the traditional trade show schedule over the past couple of years: one example being last year’s black Pelagos FXD. Perhaps Tudor will save something as simple as a color change for later in the year, so as to not detract from a potential Submariner tribute and simultaneously upkeep media buzz later in the calendar year. Of course, only time will tell what Tudor releases this year at Watches and Wonders. What I can say with some certainty is that I, along with the Everest team will be there to cover every major release.

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