Tudor Predictions: Will 2024 be the year Tudor goes green?

Tudor Black Bay Harrods Edition

We’re deep into speculation here at Everest Journal, and it seems like Tudor is on our minds quite a bit. From dreaming of a blue Pelagos 39, to hoping for an updated Black Bay Chrono, the brand formerly known as “Rolex’s little brother” sure has stepped out of that shadow and has our wheels spinning with what could come. So, let's dive into some more exciting speculation surrounding Tudor's potential releases at Watches and Wonders 2024. There's a buzz in the air suggesting Tudor might just surprise us with green dial/green bezel versions of their beloved Black Bay 58 and 54. Okay, okay, if we’re being honest, “buzz” may be a strong word, but I’m pretty hopeful for it. If you're anything like us, you're already imagining how stunning these timepieces could be. Let's delve into Tudor's history with green, especially with the iconic Harrods Edition Black Bay, and why it makes perfect sense for them to roll out these beauties now.

Left, the newer Tudor Black Bay 54 compared to Right, the Tudor Black Bay 58

Cast your mind back to 2016. The world hadn’t learned of Covid yet, watches were still a weird little hobby you couldn't talk about with anyone else, and you could even walk into a Rolex dealer and get a Submariner without waiting (and with a little discount too). It was also the year that Tudor dropped jaws with the Harrods Edition Black Bay. This limited-edition stunner flaunted a mesmerizing green bezel and dial, setting hearts racing among watch collectors. It wasn't just a watch; it was a statement, a symbol of Tudor's daring to break the mold. The success of the Harrods Edition laid the groundwork for Tudor to explore more green-themed timepieces, hinting at what might be in store for us now.

So, why green, you might ask? Well, let's look at the trends and Tudor's own success stories. The Black Bay 54, introduced just last year, has been a smash hit. Its classic design and versatility have won over the hearts of many in the watch community. Adding a green variant to the lineup? That's just taking it to the next level. And let's not forget the broader horological landscape. Green dials and bezels have been all the rage lately. It seems like every brand wants in on the action, and Tudor is no exception. By jumping on this trend, Tudor isn't just following the crowd; they're showing they're in tune with what enthusiasts crave. (A quick disclaimer, I don’t think that most brands actually care what enthusiasts are asking for, but it’s nice to dream about designers for our favorite brands sitting in watch forums, reading our comments, and designing the products we ask for.)

Tudor Harrods Edition Black Bay 58

Image Source Watchcollecting.com

Now, onto the Black Bay 58. This watch has its own legion of fans, drawn to its vintage vibe and timeless appeal. Imagine that same charm, but with a splash of green. It's a recipe for success, offering something fresh for collectors while staying true to what makes the Black Bay 58 special. Given the brand's penchant for elegance and sophistication, it's not far-fetched to imagine them choosing a rich, earthy tone like olive green. Picture it: a dial and bezel adorned in a luscious olive hue, evoking the lush landscapes of the English countryside. Pair that with a gilt dial, adding a touch of vintage charm and warmth to the ensemble. This combination would strike the perfect balance between classic and contemporary, appealing to both traditionalists and modern enthusiasts alike. The subtle sheen of the gilt dial would complement the richness of the olive green, creating a harmonious visual feast for the eyes. If Tudor decides to go down this route, we're in for a treat indeed.

As we eagerly await Watches and Wonders 2024, the speculation around Tudor's green dial/green bezel Black Bay 58 and 54 is reaching fever pitch. From the brand's history with green to the current market trends, everything seems to point towards something truly exciting on the horizon. These potential releases aren't just watches; they're statements of style and innovation. So, buckle up, fellow enthusiasts. The ride is about to get a whole lot greener, and we couldn't be more thrilled!


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