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The Everest Journal

by Aleta Saeger August 22, 2020 3 min read

1. Everest Watch Pouch

everest watch pouch

Is your little one envious of your watch rolls but doesn’t have a big collection of their own? The Everest Watch Pouch is the perfect gift for those kids that want something to carry their watch around in safely. Whether it’s just around the house or out on family travel trips, kids will feel super special having a nice carrying pouch as a travel companion, and you’ll feel safe too knowing their pieces aren’t getting scratched up. These are perfect for throwing in a backpack or keeping on their bedside table and bonus, they come in a variety of color options and sizes that they can collect! Click here to read why we think everyone needs a watch pouch. 

2.Subscription To Gear Patrol

five gifts for kids

Now if that little watch collector in your life is really into watches, chances are they also love little mechanical gadgets too. We’re big fans of Gear Patrol Magazine and think a subscription is the perfect thing for a kid to dig into. Founded in 2007, Gear Patrol has been bringing us reviews of the latest technology, gadgets and of With watch related how-to guides and deep historical dives, this is a perfect gift for any boy or girl who wants to stay in the know of the latest and greatest releases.

3. Worn and Wound Tool Watch Box

five gifts for kids

If your watch loving kid is anything like us, then they like to see all of their watches all together when picking out their “watch of the day”. Last year, the Wind Up Watch Shop released this urban watch case that simulates a tool box. The case, made of sheet metal, is available in a red reminiscent of candy apple and a very jet black. The inner lining is of micro suede and features mahogany wood dividers assuring full protection from even the roughest of kids. They will love tucking their watches in every night with the soft tweed pillows provided. The case also features a thick glass on top for easy viewing and handles on the side for quick transportation. We think this unique watch case is a great option for watch enthusiast kids but beware, they’ll be wanting to fill those 12 slots up fast!

4. Everest Strap Changing Tools

five gifts for kids

I can think of no better way to bond with your horological kid than by teaching them how to care for their watch. Whether it’s sizing their new piece, taking the bracelet or strap off for cleaning or perhaps teaching them how to change straps. An essential item any kid needs is a well made tool kit. Everest has designed a perfect travel friendly tool kit with a grooved barrel and offered in a great size that will keep your kiddo from all the strap changing frustrations we’re all too used to. Even though designed with Tudor and Rolex Bracelet owners in mind, I can attest that these spring bar tools are the best fit for most watch brands and make strap changing a breeze. Learn how to change straps properly here

5. Art of Horology Poster 

five gifts of kids watch

If your child was anything like me when I was a kid, they love to personalize their room. I had loads of posters on my walls as a kid. Ok...most were of the Backstreet Boys but still, I had some other random things I was into at the time hanging up there too! Had I been into watches at a young age, you bet I would have had some of my favorite brands magazine posters up as well. Art of Horology, a husband and wife duo based in the UK, have created a Watch Print business and have quickly gained popularity among the watch community. Your little one will love picking out options from brands such as Rolex, Patek, Tudor, and Seiko. Oh, and there’s also a custom option too where they can create a completely customized poster based on whatever watch they want. A perfect custom gift for that horological little one in your life.  

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Written by K.T. Morales

Aleta Saeger
Aleta Saeger

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