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How to spend $10K on a Rolex right now
Because it’s hard for most people to get the Rolex model they want from their authorized dealer right now, we are looking hard at the secondhand market for any opportunities to secure a desirable Rolex at a price that isn’t...
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This Unusual Rolex is Now Worth 4x MSRP
When I first saw the watch it was just after midnight. It was September 2020 and we were up late refreshing our browsers every few minutes to finally view the official new releases from Rolex. Normally we’d get the insane perk...
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rolex watch bracelet covered in scratches
Exploring the two different mindsets to scratches on your favorite watches. “Wear your watches.” It’s something I’ve said over and over again when hearing about people who are too concerned to wear their watches for fear of getting them all...
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To cyclops or not?
I had a five-digit no-holes Submariner Date and I traded it for my current no-date Submariner. I did not like having the cyclops magnifying lens over the date window. I couldn’t stand that at certain angles and lighting conditions, you couldn’t...
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