Rolex Daytona Predictions for 2022!

Rolex Daytona Predictions for 2022!

In 2016 the watch world was literally knocked on its backside with the release of the 116500LN Rolex Daytona. Rolex, with just a few minor changes elevated the Daytona to full blown watch mania, and all of us (especially me) are still waiting patiently for their own Ceramic Daytona. However, the entire Daytona line in 2016 also received a few minor changes but none of us noticed. This year, I have good reason to think Rolex is going to make some moves with the Daytona.

The Rolex Daytona change I predict in 2022, drum roll please….Rolex will put a ceramic bezel on the two-tone Daytona. Why, you ask? Let’s dig in and see if my logic stands up. 

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First, the all steel version of the Daytona is so popular that it is actually double the price on the second hand market! That is right, double. I have seen Daytonas go for as much as $50,000.00, which is frankly insane. The market wants this. It is telling Rolex with their pocket book, and Rolex does listen. 

Second, the watch is due for a real facelift. In 2016, Rolex really only changed the engraving on the bezel of the two-tone Daytona. It was originally released as the 116523, back in 2007. The watch hasn’t had a major change since its release back almost fifteen years ago. To put it in retrospect we have had two entirely different versions of Submariner released since the bi-color Rolesor Daytona came out. 

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Third, Rolex might come out with a new movement in the Daytona, which could modify the case. I say this because the 4130 movement, as it is wonderful, is getting some hair on it. The design is 22 years old, it has a power reserve of 72 hours (which is a ton), but Rolex has improved a lot on its other calibers. If they release a new movement, we are going to see some changes to the outer design also. 

Lastly, the ceramic bezel has made its way to a lot of other Daytonas. Other than the all steel Daytona, they offer it on the all gold case with rubber oysterflex strap model, and the full platinum version has had a ceramic bezel for quite some time. It would not shock me if suddenly the entire Daytona line had a ceramic tachometer bezel. 

We have tracked down a lot of photoshop wizardry so, check out what the internet has thrown out there for this concept. My personal choice would be a bi-color rose gold and steel version! Tell us in the comments below what you think?

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