Watch Straps & Scratches: Meme Edition

Watch Straps & Scratches: Meme Edition

As an aftermarket strap brand, we’re partial to certain memes. Again and again, we find ourselves hitting the save flag on posts about scratched bracelets and replacement straps. Sometimes, in the middle of the night when we can’t sleep, we scroll through a few of our favorites. If you’ve missed out on this subset of watch memes, never fear: we’ve collected the very best for your enjoyment. 

watch meme about scratches

Meme via @Watchtaster

Ah, the trusting nature of the watch collector. You try to be a good person. You try to bring someone into the watch collecting world by letting them “try out” one of your watches. (Sure, you’re grinding your teeth with anxiety the whole time, but you do it because you’re cool… relaxed… a totally chill person.) Of course, they haven’t worn a watch since that Casio in 7th grade, and they don’t really know how to treat a watch correctly. A few too many desk dives and your baby comes back absolutely ravaged. Look, if you’re gonna loan a watch out to a friend, at least replace the original bracelet with an Everest Bands rubber strap. That way, you can protect your collection while also protecting your reputation as a… totally chill person. Win-win. 

 watch meme about straps

Meme via @brodinkee 

On shoddy NATO straps, the keeper acts more like a “loser,” exposing your watch to unnecessary risk. When you tire of dealing with loose keepers and extraneous nylon fabric, switch to our hypoallergenic, padded and lined, curved-end nylon strap. NATOs are great if you love chafing and exposed lugs, but our straps elevate a nylon option to something more befitting your Rolex, Tudor, or Panerai. 

watch meme about having a big collection

Meme from @brodinkee 

Let’s not be too hasty here. When I said “consolidate” I meant “design a bespoke, velvet-lined, soft-close cherry wood case to display the most precious objects I own while consolidating space to make room for additional watches.” I’m sorry if there was any confusion. While I’m in the woodshop, I’ll pick up a few Everest Bands watch portfolios to store my collection safely.

 watch meme about spring bars

This meme made us cringe. “No! Noo!” we wanted to yell. “Don’t settle for terrible pins on an aftermarket strap. THERE’S ANOTHER WAY!” A way that involves using high quality tools and Rolex-style spring bars to replace your strap or bracelet. We provide specialized spring bars designed to fit your specific watch. Don’t swap a strap and say a prayer. Your watch deserves better and so do you. 

watch meme about scratching watches


We’ve been here, although the pain we feel at seeing another nick on our watch is more akin to a near-death out of body experience. Time seems to slow down, but our heart races. We break out into a cold sweat and our life flashes before our eyes. After we recover, we remember our doctor’s prescription: Replace all original Rolex bracelets with an Everest Bands watch strap to prevent scratch-related trauma.  

watch meme

While we applaud the attitude of innovation that this meme encourages, we’ve gouged enough holes in our fingertips to know that improvised tools for strap changes can lead to unholy bloodshed. Bear Grylls may be up for that type of savagery, but we implore you to fight finger injuries by purchasing an Everest Bands spring bar tool kit ASAP.  

Love To Laugh? Let Everest Bands Prevent Your Tears. 

You know you need to purchase an Everest Bands strap for all the watches in your collection to protect your bracelet and customize your collection. So what are you waiting for? Choose an Everest Bands rubber watch strap for your Rolex. Everest Bands watch straps for Rolex are designed and manufactured by people who love watches, just like you. How do we know? We’re proud to have collected hundreds of 5-star reviews from the same people who make the watch memes that get you through slow Monday mornings. 




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