Everest’s Three Most Popular Rolex Watch Bands in 2020

Everest bands on Rolexes in a watch pouch

Data. Analytics. Numbers. When you run a business, it’s always interesting to see how purchasing shakes out. After the holiday gifting season, we love to look at our top sellers to see what straps and rolls are most popular. The numbers give us a sense of what watches people are buying, and which reference models are being paired with different straps. Here’s a quick primer below on three of our most popular watch straps and what you’re wearing them with. We hope you love reviewing the stats as much as we do. 

TOP SELLER: Classic Black

No matter what Rolex reference you have, it’s hard to go wrong with our black rubber strap. The luxurious matte finish serves as a perfect backdrop to highlight the sparkling dials of Swiss-made watches. It’s probably why Rolex uses a black matte Oysterflex™ as the only elastomer band it currently offers. It was originally paired with Everose™ gold on the Yacht-Master, and it’s easy to see why. Black can complement both the warm tones of yellow and rose gold or the cool notes of white gold or stainless steel. 

Best Rolexes For an Black Rubber Watch Strap 

Rolex’s most well-known reference is the Submariner, and our most popular band is black, so it’s no surprise the two work in harmony together. Both the dial and the strap have a depth to the color that makes them feel. It’s a great option for preserving your bracelet, or as an alternative. The black rubber watch strap can be used with almost any Rolex reference. We often see it paired with the GMT-Master, where it integrates perfectly into the case, providing the ideal backdrop for your Pepsi GMT. And because we don’t believe Rolex will ever pair a Submariner with an Oysterflex strap (for a variety of reasons), Everest rubber is one of the only ways to achieve that look.

black rolex submariner with everest black rubber strap


Many people are surprised when they hear that one of our top sellers is our orange rubber strap for Rolex references. After all, orange is hardly a subtle color. Instead. We like to think it says a little something about our ideal customer: they’re not afraid to customize their Rolex to make it truly theirs. They understand the value of a statement piece. They understand how something as simple as swapping out a metal bracelet can completely change the impact of a Rolex.  

Best Rolexes For an Orange Rubber Watch Strap 

There’s so many delicious combinations we’d suggest with orange.  An orange strap with a black Rolex Submariner. The strap serves as a beacon, drawing the eye to the black dial with white indices. It’s a daring and bold color combo, used to great effect in the Nike Air Jordan 1s in Starfish Orange below. 

orange and black air jordan

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An Everest Bands orange rubber strap also looks great when paired with a Daytona or an Explorer. We color-matched the orange strap to the iconic Explorer arrow seconds hand for perfect match. It’s a good combo for a collector who pays attention to even the smallest, carefully-designed details of a Rolex.

One unexpected combination we see from time to time is a Milgauss on an orange rubber watch strap. The Milgauss’ unusual green sapphire crystal is a contrasting color to the bold orange strap. It’s a choice for someone who understands the power of color theory. 

 everest orange strap on rolex explorer


Our third most popular strap is actually a combination of our leather straps for Rolex. We love the tradition and history that these straps evoke, especially since the very first Rolexes built by Hans Wilsdorf were actually placed on leather straps. (Later, of course, the Oyster bracelet would become Rolex’s signature.) We still love Rolexes on leather straps, and some of the most iconic Rolexes ever were worn on leather straps. (We’re looking at you,  Paul Newman.) Rolex’s own alligator leather was offered for years as an alternative to a metal bracelet on the Daytona, the Day-Date, and the Sky-Dweller. Natural leather warms up a stainless steel case considerably, and makes a watch wearable in more casual situations.  

Best Rolexes for a Leather Watch Strap 

An underrated combo that we love is a Daytona on our perforated racing leather strap. It’s no secret that people interested in performance automobiles are also drawn to the precision of mechanical watches. Our perforated leather strap acknowledges the link between these two interests by designing a watch strap that uses the same cushioned, perforated leather used in luxury cars. For a racing enthusiast, there’s really no better strap for this beloved cosmograph.

Find Your Perfect Match

Try out one of our highly-rated aftermarket straps for Rolex watches and wait for the complements to roll in. Collectors love our well-designed, carefully constructed vulcanized rubber straps and our natural vegetable-tanned leather straps for luxury watches. Protect your bracelet and personalize your Rolex with Everest Bands.  

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