Why You Should Ditch Your NATO for an Everest Bands Nylon Strap

Why You Should Ditch Your NATO for an Everest Bands Nylon Strap

curved end nylon strap on a rolex watch

We get it. Having a huge collection of NATOs in your dresser drawer is practically a requirement when it comes to watch collecting. You have them in gray, green, the Bond navy with red and green stripes. Putting a NATO on a Rolex Submariner is a rite of passage. We’re huge fans of the waterproof, inexpensive strap that makes any watch feel like it’s ready for adventure. In fact, we’re such huge NATO fans, that we couldn’t help ourselves from designing a nylon strap that has everything a NATO offers…and more. 

Everest Bands' Nylon Strap Has a Curved End 

It’s probably no surprise that a company committed to custom-designing straps to fit luxury watches might want to bring a little more customization to your strap options. Enter the Everest Bands Nylon Strap. This is no ordinary nylon strap. An interior ABS plastic insert seamlessly connects to the watch case of your choice. Each custom strap is carefully designed to perfectly fit your watch. There’s a luxurious heft and a natural curvature to the strap, making it worthy of pairing with even your most coveted watches. We’ve even included a hypoallergenic lining to ensure comfort on the wrist. Eliminate all friction and chafing for a strap that feels great all day. 

 curved end nylon strap on rolex

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Everest Bands Nylon Strap Is Durable 

If you’ve owned a NATO for long enough, you may have noticed it fraying or even breaking with repeated use. We carefully designed and sourced our nylon straps to ensure they look incredible even with daily wear. The fabric, dye colors, and construction are all carefully vetted by our design team. Our nylon straps are fade-resistant, water-resistant, easy to switch out, and affordable enough that you can order half a dozen just to give you a variety of options to pair with your collection this summer. Each strap is made with a 316L steel buckle for quality that will last for years.  

strap change on a rolex watch from bracelet to curved end nylon everest band

Everest Bands’ Nylon Strap Is Versatile

The whole point of a fabric strap is that you can be a little more playful and adventurous with color. We wanted to offer a variety of color combinations to give our customers that flexibility. Enjoy black, black with red accents, navy blue, and a black and white option to choose from. Our nylon straps are custom-designed to perfectly fit your Rolex Submariner, Rolex Explorer, Rolex GMT-Master, or another reference number. Or, if you want to venture outside the Rolex universe, we offer a nylon strap that fits all watches with a 20 mm or a 22 mm lug width, We’re committed to offering versatile options for the modern watch collector. 

rolex daytona on curved end nylon everest band

Everest Bands' Curved End Nylon is One of a Kind

We love exclusivity and with the curved end nylon straps, exclusivity is what you will get. Our manufacturers in Switzerland have confirmed that we are currently the only brand worldwide that is producing a custom-fit curved end nylon strap. The reason why we are the only ones is because these straps are meticulously designed and require a highly skilled and multi-step process to make. Of course we do not shy away from a challenge, and love to be able to create high end custom looks for fellow watch enthusiasts.

curved end nylon straps for rolex watches

For Strength and Style, Choose An Everest Band

Everest Brands brings high-end strap manufacturing and materials to watch wearers around the world. We’re the preferred aftermarket watch brand for thousands of luxury watch collectors. Our watch bands offer unparalleled design, manufacture, and finishing in many different colors. Unlike other watch straps, Everest Bands are built to fit specific models, so you can have a custom fit no matter which reference you prefer. 

buckle on curved end nylon strap

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