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With Watches and Wonders 2021 on the horizon, predictions are starting to roll in about what major watch brands might have coming down the pike. While many of these predictions center around Rolex or Patek Philippe, there’s some buzz around what changes Tudor might make to its lineup in 2021. 2020 brought us a Black Bay 58 in a deep, midnight blue color, and 2021 might see changes coming to what’s underneath the dial -- or even on the bezel. Here are our predictions for Tudor in 2021. 

Possible Movement Changes to Tudor Lineup? 

Tudor debuted a new in-house movement in 2018 with the Black Blay 58, the COSC-certified MST 5402. (Some independent analysts have even suggested that the new Tudor movement exceeds COSC accuracy standards by 25%.) The MST 5402 has a seventy-hour power reserve, a full balance bridge, a silicon hairspring, and a free-sprung Microstella balance wheel. For the BB58, the smaller movement size made for a slimmed down, svelte profile on the watch, which measures 39mm. It also marked a transition from ETA movements into customized and finished in-house calibers. Previously, Tudor used ETA 2824-2 in its smaller watches.  

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Could the MST 5402 Migrate Into Other Tudor Watches?

Even though the popularity of the Black Bay 58 has been a home run for Tudor, the brand hasn’t forgotten about its flagship models, including the original Black Bay 41. With a new movement being manufactured for the BB58, we wouldn’t be surprised if the MST 5402 makes its way into a few other Tudor references. The Black Bay 41 has a much more prominent presence on the wrist, but combining a 41mm case diameter with a smaller, lightweight movement could give designers more room to play as they redesign the BB41. 

Even if they keep the original design, a new movement could spark renewed interest in the 41 with collectors who prefer a larger watch to the BB58. We also wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the movement migrate into watches like the Tudor North Flag or the Tudor Ranger, both of which could benefit from some of the innovations of the MST 5402.

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Will We See a Tudor Pelagos GMT?

The second Tudor prediction for 2021 that we’d love to see is a GMT complication for the Tudor Pelagos. We’ve shared our love for the Tudor Pelagos before, but a Pelagos GMT in 2021 would really grab our attention. It’s a natural addition to Tudor’s best dive watch, especially since Tudor has already innovated its in-house GMT movement, the MT 5652. From a design perspective, an all-blue GMT Pelagos could expand Tudor’s dominance in monochromatic color schemes. Plus, a well-designed GMT 24-hour hand could elevate this watch even more.   

Refresh Your Tudor Watch 

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Even though we don’t know what Tudor will present to collectors in 2021, it’s always worth speculating. As an integral part of the new Watches and Wonders 2021 lineup, they’re likely to drop a few Easter eggs just in time for spring. If you’re a diehard Tudor collector, refresh your collection today with the most highly-rated aftermarket Tudor rubber strap you can buy. We bring an exceptional eye for design and a commitment to using the most durable materials with high-end finishes. Try one today while you’re waiting for the latest official Tudor news to drop.


By Meghan Clark  

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