Four Reasons to Salute the Tudor North Flag

Four Reasons to Salute the Tudor North Flag

Some collectors argue that the Tudor North Flag is the “forgotten” Tudor, eclipsed by the twin shadows of Tudor Pelagos dive watch and the fan-favorite Black Bay 58. Yet, the Tudor North Flag has some charms all of its own.   

Rolex revitalized the Tudor brand in 2013, and by 2015 it was offering a wide variety of watches to choose from. The Tudor North Flag was released at Baselworld 2015, and we’ve had five years to appreciate its charms.   

Five years in, here’s what we still love about the Tudor North Flag.

The Tudor North Flag Is Timeless 

Excuse the watch pun, but the design on the Tudor North Flag truly is timeless. The carefully-designed dial evokes mid-century modern lines and aesthetics, but the bold minimalism makes it look incredibly temporary. The numerals at twelve and six are balanced beautifully by the power reserve indicator and the date window. It also has one of the most effective uses of an arrow hand on a dial we’ve seen since the Speedmaster. When a dive watch feels too clunky or overstated, the Tudor North Flag has you covered. Unlike the Tudor Pelagos, it slips subtly under a cuff. The Tudor North Flag can be paired equally well with wool suiting or a stonewashed tee. Versatility is the name of the game with this Tudor.  

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The Tudor North Flag Is Unique 

Let’s be honest about it: everyone and their brother owns a Rolex Sub, an Omega Seamaster, and a Tudor BB58. All those watches are a way to endorse/embrace classic Tudor styling. But, the person who owns a North Flag is just someone who isn't afraid to walk off the beaten path. They’re a little unexpected, a little less mainstream, and a little more willing to push the boundaries of what’s possible - pretty positive qualities to showcase just by wearing a watch. 

The Tudor North Flag Showcases An In-House Movement 

The North Flag features Tudor’s first in-house COSC-certified chronometer, and it’s a beaut. The MT5621 has a 70-hour power reserve, a variable inertial free-sprung balance, and a silicon balance spring. And, since the Tudor North Flag has a semi-open caseback, it’s a joy to admire when it’s not on the wrist. 

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The Tudor North Flag Has A Power Reserve Indicator 

Ah, the eternal dilemma of the Power Reserve Indicator. On the one hand, it’s so helpful to have on a dial. It makes daily usage just that much easier. Yet, it often adds unwanted visual busyness to a dial. The Tudor North Flag solves both of these issues by providing a power reserve indicator on the dial that doesn’t look terrible. In fact, it looks… kind of great. Like, really great. Like: “Wait-why-don’t -all- my-other-watches-have-power-reserve-indicators” great. Plus, its practical application can’t be beat. A dial complication that’s actually useful? Sign us up. 

Switch Up Your Tudor Watch Band 

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Written by Meghan Clark

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