A Tudor Pelagos GMT - Let's all hope they come out with it!

A Tudor Pelagos GMT - Let's all hope they come out with it!

I am writing this blog with one hope: Tudor makes a Pelagos GMT

Why do I hope for this? For starters, it would be the first GMT from Tudor that is super water resistant, and additionally, the Pelagos clasp is simply amazing. Think of how cool it would be to have your cake and be able to eat it too!

pelagos gmt predictions

First, we should dive into what the Pelagos could look like. Definitely the GMT hand (aka 24 hour hand) would be snowflake based in design. Tudor has been holding true to the snowflake hand set across the board in all its Black Bay models, and the current Pelagos already has a snowflake handset. This seems like an obvious style choice for the team in Switzerland to do. 

Second, it would have a GMT scale on the bezel and most likely be fully luminescent. This again seems like a no-brainer. Why would they change up that design? It works already in the  60-minute design. It would work in the 24-hour scale for sure. 

Pelagos Tudor Baselworld 2020 predictions

Lastly, the GMT Black Bay has the MT 5652 in-house Tudor movement. This movement is pretty thick, and I believe that it may increase the width of the case of the Tudor Pelagos. At 500 meters of water resistance, this is going to require a certain amount of crystal thickness and case back thickness. With the movement being so thick on the Black Bay GMT, it has increased from other Black Bay models to 15mm thick. Obviously, the Pelagos will be well past that into the 16mm range.

In conclusion, the Pelagos is super desired and is very much needed watch in the Tudor lineup. Plus, I am not the only one who wants it! The whole watch world has been making renderings of this in photoshop for years. I am pretty sure Tudor is listening to what we want in 2020! They sure listened a few years ago and came out with the Black Bay 58. Maybe this is the year for the ultimate traveler/dive watch!

**all images are modified renderings and are not real watches. Images are modified from many different website online.

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  • Herbie Lacassagne

    This is just my opinion but I do not see a need for a GMT Complication on a watch built for diving. Come out with a blacked out version, bronze or various colors sure.

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