The Top Fall Watch Trend This Year

Rolex Daytona on Everest bands racing strap.

Fall is in full swing. We talked a few weeks ago about great fall fashion trends this year. But, now the weather is definitely colder - I mean we’re even seeing snow across our social media pages. So, it is really time to warm those wrists up with our exclusive Swiss-Made curved end nylon watch bands. These nylon watch band combinations for your Rolex watch do not disappoint. Discover the ingenuity and why these bad boys are a top fall watch trend this year. 

nylon watch band on rolex submarinerr

Everest uses interwoven textile material to create four beautiful options for you to customize your Rolex. The curved end nylon watch band is offered in multiple combinations: a black nylon, a black nylon with red accents, a gorgeous navy blue nylon and a very classic black and white combination. The back of the watch is a hypoallergenic lining that has a fabric rubber appearance and feel to it to provide only the highest comfort. But, let’s take a look at the styles more closely to help you determine how to really warm up your wrist and your look this year.

rolex watch band

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2020 has been a rough and tough year, that’s for sure. And, we are ready for change. Some of you might not be bold enough to opt for too much change, so strap your Rolex up with a classic black on black combination. With black material interwoven with black material and sporting a black back, (even throw on a PVD buckle), to sport a little change but nothing too bold. The perfect curved end watch strap will protect your bracelet. 

watch band for rolex submariner

If you’re looking for a bit more change this year, copy and paste the above black nylon watch strap but draw in a little boldness with our red accents. With red keepers and red lining on the underside, the red along the pin buckle holes pops on our wrist. This would be a great option to compliment the red accents on your Rolexes whether its a Pepsi GMT or a pre-2011 Explorer II, this Everest watch strap was made for you.

rolex watch bands
rolex watch bands

Another unique and one of the most popular nylon variations is the black and white interwoven nylon watch band. This watch strap sports black accents with its keepers and linings. The stark visible contrast plays off of the contrasting tones of your Rolex watch. 

rolex submariner watch band

The final interwoven nylon watch band is the most eccentric and a beautiful combination of warm blue fabric which creates a sweater for your wrist. What better way to warm up your wrist in this cool weather than sporting an awesome blue sweater! While all of our nylon watch bands are quite simply one of a kind, this one takes the cake. With its black accents and lining making it a darker hue, it is still a subtle wear, but the blue is a beautiful compliment to your Rolex. 

rolex gmt ceramic watch bands

Now you’ve strapped up and are ready to conquer the cooling weather of the approaching winter season (at least here at Everest headquarters). Don’t forget to share your new #wristshots with us @everestbands. And lastly, just so you don’t miss out: Complete your new look and watch collection with an Everest cork watch roll in three watches. It's just back in stock and with a limited quantity.

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