Everest Blacks Out with a new DLC Black Tang Buckle

Everest Blacks Out with a new DLC Black Tang Buckle

The market for customized accessories is in, and with that Everest now offers PVD buckles! We are all for making your Rolex watch custom to you, and a popular customization (other than swapping out your Rolex watch bracelet of course) is to PVD or DLC coat your Rolex or Tudor black. This process is known as "blacking out" and many watch owners love this custom look. Let’s take a closer look at all the great new combinations you can rock. Whether you choose to rock the beautiful Swiss-made Everest rubber watch band or one of our leather collections, the new DLC black buckle enhances any Rolex or Tudor. 

What is PVD?

Taking metal and turning it black is another great way to customize your Rolex or Tudor and make it yours. Steel is not easy to change its color on a chemical level. But, Everest is super excited to join the DLC/PVD watch community. PVD, or physical vapor deposition, is when you spray a group of metals on the surface in layers. During this process the number of metals vaporizes and then are bound on the surface in layers. This happens inside a heated vacuum whereas DLC coating is a bit different.

What is DLC?

DLC, which stands for "diamond like carbon" occurs when a form of carbon is blasted on the surface. Synthetic diamonds are made a lot like this process. DLC is actually the preferred way of coating a watch, so its Everest's preferred way of coating a watch buckle. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • It enhances scratch resistance.
  • It has a higher resistance to heat.
  • It has a higher resistance to wear and abrasion.
  • It has better aesthetics.

Ultimately, no matter which process you use (PVD or DLC), the results are extremely similar and both are very high quality, very long-lasting, and more so than not, a permanent change to the metal. Of course, as with anything not all DLC/PVD coaters/companies are treated equally. At Everest as always, we only choose the very best and the highest quality.

So, is it time to pick up a DLC Rolex? Or at least a strap with a DLC buckle?

black tang buckle

Where do I find a DLC Rolex?

Blaken watches has been able to create the technology to really nail DLC, or diamond like coating. Based in Germany, they specialize in DLC coating on Rolex watches. So, if you pick up one of their watches or just really want to deck out your Rolex or Tudor, we’ve got you covered with our new Everest DLC buckle. But why would anyone want to change the look of their Rolex model so drastically?

Why put it on your Rolex?

It's all about customization and personalization and Blacken’s slogan “Luxury Watches personalized: an expression of personality” says it all. You should be able to find the perfect look for you. Check out the new Everest buckle paired with the Swiss-Made Everest nylon watch strap

customize your rolex

Additionally, the new Everest buckle just belongs on the Everest Swiss-Made rubber watch band. (Pop on over here to take a look at some other great Everest rubber watch band combinations). This black DLC buckle option ups that sporty feel to almost any strap! The black color of your watch is highlighted and enhanced by the complementing black Everest buckle.

rolex nylon watch bands

If you have a DLC coated watch, or a factory made black steel watch, these straps will perfectly compliment your watch. But you absolutely do not need to have a DLC coated watch to enjoy the blacked out look on your tang buckle. The blacked out clasp looks phenomenal on a black Everest Band for a Submariner, a gorgeous two-toned nylon strap you see above, and truly on just about any strap/watch combo.  Match up your new look with a Swiss-Made Everest watch band with a DLC buckle. It's clear that the DLC buckle doesn't just compliment just a DLC Rolex, it matches great with your stainless steel or precious metal Rolex model as well. Who wouldn't want a custom look like this? Not your style? No worries--most of our tang buckle straps come with your choice of stainless steel, gold, or now DLC coating (because variety is the spice of life, right?) As always, don’t forget to pick up an Everest watch roll to complete your watch collection and keep your timepieces safe and cozy.    

No matter what you are rocking and what color buckle you choose, make sure you post your new looks and tag us on Instagram #everestbands.

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