Five Leather Options to Give Your Panerai the Perfect Look this Fall

panerai leather watch bands

Panerai and straps go together like gin and tonic. Anyone who has owned a Panerai has definitely been bit by “the bug.” The sudden addiction and need to add as many strap options as possible. At one point, I owned over two dozen straps for my Panerai models and still felt the need to acquire more. With strap season just around the corner, we’ve compiled five great Everest leather options to spice up your Panerai Luminor!


With its distressed brown color, matching colored stitch, and peppered black tones, our Praline strap gives off a casual and rugged vibe to perfectly match the military inspired Luminor. Whether it's a black, brown, white, or a green dial Luminor, the Praline strap will not disappoint!

five leather options for panerai


A bright and bold mix of brown and orange, our tan leather strap has been popular amongst watch enthusiasts since making its debut back in 2015. Its warm tones make for the perfect fall strap, and it’s bound to give you the wrist presence you’ve been yearning for. Over time, this leather will darken and take on an “oiled” patina look that will put a smile on your face every time you check the time.

five leather options for panerai


A perfect combination of medium brown hues and vintage flare, the chestnut leather strap is the perfect look for the seasoned collector. The color matched stitch and slightly cracked leather has a rustic feel that perfectly suits any Panerai Luminor dial color.

five leather options for panerai

Black with contrast stitching

Regardless of what watches you may own, a classic black leather strap is a must in everyone's strap arsenal. Be it the boardroom or the boardwalk, our black leather strap with contrast stitching is a versatile option that leaves little to be desired. 

leather watch bands for panerai

Brown Alligator

From time to time, you're going to want to “class up” your timepiece to match the occasion. Luckily, the Panerai Luminor is one of the most versatile watches on the market. With a few twists of a screwdriver, your Luminor is ready for those dressier occasions. For those times, our brown alligator strap makes for the perfect partner in crime! 

leather watch straps for panerai

Written by Patrick Bernardez

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