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Should you Invest in a Rolex?
2020 has been an unpredictable year for Financial markets as the global economy has struggled through the uncertainty of a global health crisis.ย  For those anxiously watching their 401(k) fluctuations, time in quarantine has also helped lead to current and...
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Are Tudor Watches a Good Investment?
As a major watch geek and the CEO of Everest, I get asked this question a lot: โ€œWhich watch should I invest my money in?โ€ My answer has always been jokingly: โ€œA Rolex Daytona or a Patek Philippe Nautilus purchased...
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Which Tudor Should I Buy?
Out of nowhere, Tudor got popular. The brand that has been in the shadow of Rolex for fifty years came out of the darkness and into the light of the jewelry store case in the last five years.ย  So now...
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Why are there Rolex Shortages?
Over the last five years, Rolex watches seem to have gone from available to unicorn status. It really doesn't even matter the model. A Datejust 41 in steel - not available. A Submariner with a black bezel and black dial...
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How To Buy a Pre-Owned Rolex
How do I buy a used watch? Other than walking into an authorized dealer, there are a lot of different options, but basically, you can purchase from a well-known watch website, a gray market dealer, a trusted seller, or a...
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