Which Tudor Should I Buy?

Which Tudor Should I Buy?

Out of nowhere, Tudor got popular. The brand that has been in the shadow of Rolex for fifty years came out of the darkness and into the light of the jewelry store case in the last five years.  So now that it is so cool to own a Tudor watch, which one should you choose?

My first reaction would be the Tudor Black Bay 58, but as that watch is amazing (read here to learn more), let’s skip it and take a look at the Tudor Black Bay GMT. Why, you ask? Because it is so damn cool, that’s why. It has a GMT function, a Pepsi bezel, and it has a riveted bracelet. Do I need to say more? 

which tudor should i buy

At an MSRP of $4,050.00 on a bracelet, you are getting a pretty good deal. First, it is from (cough* Rolex) I mean Tudor. Second, it has an in-house movement with a jumping hour hand. This means that you can independently quick adjust the hour hour to the next hour without it affecting the minute hand or GMT hand. This functionality is exactly the same on the Rolex GMT Master II. So, the Tudor does it the “Rolex Way” when it comes to making a GMT watch. Third, the bracelet’s links are riveted. I think this is best explained in the pictures below. This look was originally what Rolex professional watches came with during the 1950s, and it has been brought back on many of the Tudor sports watches now. It is now entirely for show, but it shows awesomely.

tudor watch to buy

A few other great things to keep in mind are the size and the bezel function. The 42mm case is incredibly well proportioned for medium to large wrists. This watch isn’t for tiny wrists, but for a 6.5 inch and up wrist, it’s a really nice fit. There is a bevel cut on the bottom side of the watch case. This makes the case look thinner than it actually is from a perception standpoint. The case thickness is about 15mm, which in most other cases, this would push people away from buying it. However, due to the way it lays on your wrist and the bevels of the case, you get a thinner looking and feeling case for sure. My final love for this watch is the bezel function. Rolex and Tudor always knock this out of the park. It is a very smooth 48-click bezel and is really nice when it comes to rotating bi-directional bezels.

which tudor should i buy

I would say that my only real gripe is access to this watch which is never available. It is never at the store. It is always on back order! GRRR! This has lately become a problem for Tudor (along with Rolex). Maybe the one thing that could come out of this pandemic is that watches like this one are more available, and when you head into your Authorized Retailer, they can slip a new one on your wrist without the long story about how you will need to wait six months to a year before you can have a Tudor Black Bay GMT. You can buy Swiss-Made rubber and leather Everest Bands for your Tudor Black Bay GMT here

tudor watch to buy


  • Herschel Fink

    I like the blue rubber on the Tudor GMT. My question is whether the rubber straps for this watch come in a short length. My 6 inch wrist, particularly with large watches, requires a short (unless I can punch an extra hole, which is impossible with rubber). Your comment about unavailability of the GMT is compounded by the fact that there is a defect in some where the date change skips a day. Mine has been back TWICE to RSC for same problem. Both times I was told entire movement was replaced. That means a likely a shortage of movements for new, since production is going to replace previously sold. Otherwise, it’s a great watch.

  • Everest Bands

    That is our Chestnut Leather.


    Hi Michael (again). The strap on the GMT in your article today, is that the chestnut or tan color? It is the pic with it on a desk with the band tools. Thank you.

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