How Much Do Rolex Watches Increase in Value?

How Much Do Rolex Watches Increase in Value?

When purchasing a new Rolex you might find yourself wondering, “How much could this model increase in value over the years?”  

While I believe you should buy a Rolex model that you like and will actually wear, and not solely as an investment, it is still a thought that might cross the buyer's mind. It is likely that the new piece you are purchasing will appreciate over time, or at least hold its value. So, why does Rolex hold or appreciate their value over time unlike other brands? 

When you boil it down, the answer is simply the quality, supply and demand. The demand for Rolex is so high because of their craftsmanship and brand awareness. Even if you are not a watch enthusiast, if someone were to ask you what is a high end, good quality watch brand you know of, you would most likely say Rolex. If you are a watch enthusiast, you are probably on a waiting list for months, or even years, for a Rolex model you are dying to add to your collection. Rolex, unlike some other brands, has a smaller product line but has depth in those lines. For example, you have the very well known Submariner, GMT and Daytona models, but within those models, you have many different references. All of the reference numbers are, in some way, different. Each reference number is only produced for a limited time and in limited quantities, causing most of the references to be sought after and hard to come by. Thus, increasing their value overtime due to this demand and the quality of the watch.

rolex submariner

Now, that still doesn’t answer the question of how much a new model could increase. I do not have that specific answer because it varies by model and wear, but we are going to look at three models that will most likely hold their value or appreciate over time. 

Rolex Submariner 

The Submariner is the most popular model in the Rolex lineup. This sporty and timeless model was released in the 1950s. There have been multiple different reference numbers of this model over the years, of course causing some references to be more popular. If you are lucky enough to own a popular vintage model, like the 1680 or 5513, that is still in pristine condition, you could be sitting on thousands of dollars. Submariners have typically always increased in value over time, so this would be a great model to purchase a modern reference and hold onto for years to come. You can preserve your Rolex bracelet for less wear with our Everest Bands here.

rolex submariner watch band

Rolex Daytona

The Daytona is another very popular model of Rolex. Released in 1963, the Daytona was a watch made for motorsports. Today, these models are at a very high demand with people on waitlists for years wanting to purchase. Like the Submariner, a vintage model in great condition could be worth thousands of dollars today. In fact, the Paul Newman Daytona, that he wore himself, is the most expensive Rolex to be sold at $15.5 Million in 2017. If a Daytona is your style, it is definitely worth getting on a waitlist. We also have watch bands for this model here.

rolex daytona watch bands

Rolex GMT

The Rolex GMT Master was first introduced in the 1950s as a tool for pilots. Over the years, the GMT has become increasingly popular among many watch enthusiasts. Some vintage GMT models have increased their value overtime, as well as more recent models that have become discontinued. The GMT 2013 model 116710BLNR, nicknamed “Batman” for the blue and black ceramic bezel, was discontinued and relaunched in 2019 as the 126710BLNR. This caused the price of the 116710BLNR to increase in a short time due to its demand. Though it is hard to predict what the most recent models will be worth in the future or how popular they will become, a GMT Master is a safe bet. Rolex GMT Everest Bands are here.

rolex gmt watch bands

Only time can tell how much your new Rolex will increase over time. In the meantime, enjoy it, keep it in good condition and rest easy knowing it should at least hold its value! 

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    And good luck trying to get from an AD, a Tudor BB58 or GMT! They also are holding their value, as they are also a Rolex product.

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