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Dialing in on the Reverse Panda
You may, or may not, have heard of a watch having a Panda dial. If not, these are watches, specifically chronographs, that have white dials with black sub dials, making it look like a Panda Bear's face. A couple popular...
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Bob's watches makes an app
Chris Foerster over at Bob’s Watches contacted me the other day. Bob’s, as you may know, is a premier pre-owned Rolex seller located in Huntington Beach, California (in fact, they’ve now branched out into numerous other luxury brands). And Chris...
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basel watch strap
We’ve had some time to ingest and digest the barrage of social media posts about all the new watches released at Baselworld 2016. Judging by my Facebook feed, much of the watch press is headed home, presumably to be replaced...
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rolex daytona bracelet replacement
It must be around 1:00pm in Basel. I just got up here in the American midwest, and already I know the pandas have arrived. The Speedmaster CK2998 The first one to appear in my social media feed is the Limited...
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baselworld news
It’s now a continual ramp up for next week’s opening of Baselworld. Bloggers the forums are past predicting and starting to talk about what they want to see from the brands. A little late perhaps, and it’s all hopeful dreaming anyway, right?...
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