Everest's Latest Watch Roll Colors - Vintage Classics

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leather watch roll

We know how much you guys like our new watch rolls. This week our Swiss supplier sent us two new combinations of watch roll colors.

military green watch roll


First up, the Military Green with a classic tan/brown interior. Also it is edged in a beautiful dark brown edge on the leather. A perfect look for those who love the military look! This beauty is available to hold three watches and is $375.00 with free shipping.

 vintage brown watch roll

Up next, the new vintage leather watch roll. The interior is a beautiful chocolate brown. A true show stopper at the local #redbargroup meet ups. Your fellow watch enthusiasts are going to be picking this one up quickly. Just like the rest of the current lineup the vintage color you can store 3 watches in this options too.  Lastly, available on our website for $375.00 with free shipping.

 brown watch roll

green watch roll

So, if you are in the market for a new watch roll or watch travel accessory, look no farther then Everest's watch rolls. Here is a link to them on the website: click here

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