Why You Need an Everest Tool Kit

Why You Need an Everest Tool Kit

We’re going to take a closer look at Everest Bands’ tool kits today, and why it is incredibly useful to have one (or two) on hand, what you can use the tool kits for, and finally, which one is right for you. Everest offers multiple tool kits, so let’s get started.

So, why do you need an Everest tool kit? Everest tool kits include both a screwdriver and a spring bar tool. The screwdriver is necessary if you have an Everest deployant watch band to unscrew your deployant clasp from your bracelet to reinstall with the Everest deployant watch bands. 

everest bands spring bar tool kit

You can also use the screwdriver to change the size of your bracelet if you need to add or remove links. The 1.6mm screwdriver is used for Rolex oyster bracelets. We talk about Rolex’s different bracelets more here. If you have a Rolex Jubilee bracelet or a Tudor bracelet, you will want to choose the 1.4mm screwdriver style. 

everest bands spring bar tool

Hint: Rolex uses loctite on their screws. If you have trouble unscrewing your Rolex clasp or links, use a hairdryer or hot water to loosen the screw (if you use hot water, make sure your crown is screwed down into place). 

Both screwdrivers feature a rotating end, so you can hold the tool firmly against your palm while rotating it to keep the screwdriver in place. You hold the screwdriver between your fingers which grasp a grooved area to keep your fingers from not slipping on slick metal.  

The other component to the kit is a spring bar tool. A spring bar tool is a must have as well to swap out your Rolex bracelets to Everest watch bands. But, you can also use it to remove your bracelet to thoroughly clean both your bracelet and Rolex or Tudor watch case as well. Additionally, if you need to discover your reference or serial number, the spring bar tool allows you to remove your watch band to find these numbers. Your reference or model number will be found at the 12 o’clock side where the bracelet meets the case whereas your personal serial number is found at the 6 o’clock side where the bracelet meets the case. 

everest bands tool kit

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So, which spring bar tool do you need? Everest offers a premier spring bar tool and a travel spring bar tool. The premier spring bar tool features two ends. The larger fork is used to remove watch bands like Everest's rubber one. Both spring bars feature an interchangeable and replaceable tip. The pin is used for vintage lug style, and the smaller fork is used to remove modern spring bar removal fork tips. The blasted finish ensures the tool does not slip while installing straps/bracelets.

why you need a spring bar tool from everest

The biggest reason customers choose the premier tool kit over the travel tool kit is the larger, premier spring bar tool is easy to hold and maneuver. But, some individuals like the plastic tube the travel spring bar tool comes in. Both Everest tool kits are shipped in a plastic sleeve. If you have any questions about using your Everest tools, you can contact us here or watch our installation videos here. Shop Everest Bands tool kits and watch accessories here.

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