Watches and Wonders 2024: What to Expect and Why We're Excited

Watches and Wonders 2024: What to Expect and Why We're Excited

Watches and Wonders – the single most significant event in the watch industry – is just two weeks away. Starting on April 9th, a star-studded lineup including (but not limited to) Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Vacheron Constantin will unveil their new creations to the world. The Everest team will be in attendance from the very beginning to cover new releases and meet with brands individually. Today, I’d like to share what coverage you can expect from the Everest Journal, what releases I’m excited for, and everything else on my mind related to Watches and Wonders.

What We Plan to Cover at Watches and Wonders 2024

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First and foremost, you can expect live coverage of every Rolex and Tudor release. We know our readership is most interested in these brands, and as such, they will receive priority. While Rolex’s hands-on availability is ultra-restricted, I’m all but certain we’ll get hands-on content with Tudor’s novelties, be it at the fair or their Geneva pop-up. Needless to say, we’ll keep you up to date with pictures, videos, and written content across Everest’s blog and social media channels. 

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Rolex and Tudor aside, we’re pleased to be meeting with a handful of brands one-on-one, many of whom we didn’t meet with last year. These private meetings give us the chance to handle and photograph some of the most impressive watches ever created. You can expect hands-on coverage of high watchmaking brands like Laurent Ferrier, Gerald Charles, Czapek, Louis Moinet, Ressence, and Beauregard, as well as higher-production brands like Oris and TAG Heuer. Simply put, I’d like to get my hands on as many interesting watches as possible and share them all with you. If I learned anything from last year, it’s that most brands are happy to share their creations, regardless of whether or not you have a meeting.

2024 Watch Releases That I’m Excited For

I’m most excited for the watches that I'm not even anticipating. Last year I was pleasantly blindsided by releases like the JLC Reverso Tribute Chronograph, Cartier Privé Normale, IWC Ingenieur, and so many more. That’s the magic of Watches and Wonders: you turn the corner and discover a minutes-old model from one of your favorite brands.

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Of course, I’m excited for whatever Rolex has in store. If I weren’t, I wouldn’t have written all those prediction articles. I’m most eager to see what happens with the GMT-Master II. There are so many directions The Crown could go with this model: introduce a ceramic ‘Coke’, release an RHD version of the ‘Sprite’, discontinue the ‘Pepsi’, etc. There’s so much buzz around this model that, whatever they do (or don’t do), it will be front page news.

I think Tudor will have another big year – I’m anxious to see which model is next in line for the METAS treatment. If the Black Bay 58 doesn’t see a refresh this year, I won’t be the only one surprised and disappointed. That watch is due for a T-fit clasp and, at this point, some ‘Master Chronometer’ text on the dial. There’s also a strong possibility we see an in-house Tudor chronograph; we know their movement manufacturer Kenissi recently developed such a movement. If you want a full list of predictions, check out our Tudor Prediction Recap, these are just a few that I’m looking forward to.

Everything Else About Watches and Wonders

This will be my second year in attendance at Watches and Wonders. Having experienced the fair, I’m going into this year with a whole new perspective. I plan on maximizing every second that I’m in the Palexpo, taking a million pictures, meeting with as many brands as possible, and overall making the most of this once-a-year opportunity. It’s not everyday we have access to such a wide variety of incredible watches; better yet, we’re in the unique position to share them with people. Watches aside, I’m of course looking forward to the pomp and circumstance of the thing. Watches and Wonders is one of the most extravagant trade shows in the world, fit with endless espresso, champagne, and food that I can’t pronounce. Last year, I wrote an article detailing what it’s like to attend these private days, and I plan on releasing an updated version this year, as well. 

What are you looking forward to? If there’s anything you’d like us to cover (releases, specific questions for brands, etc.), let us know in the comments below or email us at I’m happy to be your Watches and Wonders conduit.

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