Additional Tudor predictions for 2021

Additional Tudor predictions for 2021

Earlier we published one writer's opinion on Tudor predictions for 2021, and here we have some alternate opinions by one of our other writers. Who will be correct? Only time will tell! Let us know what you think of these predictions by our favorite East coast writer and watch enthusiast, Li Wang. Follow along below!

With the success of the Black Bay 58 with its smaller case size (39mm) and thinner case height (11.9mm), will Tudor downscale more of its lineup? Now that they’ve had success with fitting an in-house movement (MT5402) in a smaller case, one would think this allows Tudor to have more options when it comes to case sizing.

Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue

Photo by @kibblewatches

Speaking of movements, it could be the right time to reveal a new movement choice for the Tudor Heritage Chronograph line, which uses a modular movement (an ETA 298X with a Dubois Depraz chronograph stacked on top). This inherently makes this 42mm wide x 13mm tall watch pretty thick. With the embrace of the Goldilocks sizing at around 40mm and 11mm thick, we expect Tudor to have something up its sleeves in terms of a smaller chronograph. Perhaps it will come in a Black Bay chronograph (given the popularity of the model line), but the Heritage Chronograph line deserves a new take.

Despite what watch enthusiasts want, not everyone who shops for watches wants to see smaller sizes. Casual watch buyers that represent the majority of the market may want to feel as their thousands of dollars spent will go to a piece that can’t be ignored by onlookers. The Tudor Pelagos has that tremendous visual appeal and downsizing it would not diminish its appeal to those who want a large diver. We expect to see a new Pelagos sized down from its current 42mm just slightly. While watch forum participants have been expressing their desire for a Pelagos with a GMT complication added, we don’t expect Tudor to add this feature at this juncture in their business trajectory. Omega offers an expansive range (including a GMT version) of its Planet Ocean line, but Tudor will likely stick with a more focused new release announcement, which is a smart way to offer alternatives to those who can’t get their hands on a Rolex Submariner or Sea-Dweller due to scarcity.

Tudor Watches

Photo by @tellewellyn

Given the embrace of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual revamping to include new bright color options, a new size (41mm) and a new movement, the Tudor Black Bay lineup without a rotating bezel could use a similar expansion. The Black Bay 36 in particular is an ideal unisex watch and comes in at price tag that makes it accessible for those budgeting around $3K.

In the past Tudor has been able to upgrade the Black Bay and Pelagos from ETA movement to in-house movements without having to jack up the price significantly. Not wanting to bite Rolex, we don’t expect the non-diver Black Bay to come in pastel dials, but perhaps they will offer variants beyond the current black, blue and gold dials. A matte grey or silver dial would be a welcome addition to play up this watch’s potential as a dressy sport watch.

This could be a banner year for Tudor. With its large scale advertising push and commercial success, downsizing its lineup could definitely fulfill the needs of people who want Rolex quality and just can’t get them right now.

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