Three Rolex Watches I Am Hoping To Get The Call For In 2024

Three Rolex Watches I Am Hoping To Get The Call For In 2024

We can all dream. Sometimes, I daydream about getting a new watch from the Rolex Authorized Dealer. I walk in, I’m handed a cappuccino, and I’m told that everything is for sale – no watch in the entire catalog is off the table. Immediately, three watches come to mind. These are the Rolexes that I would make room for in my watch box in 2024. 

Pepsi Rolex GMT-Master II

First up, the Rolex GMT Master II with a bicolor blue and red bezel, aka the ‘Pepsi’. My particular bracelet preference is the Jubilee. For years, I have begged my Rolex connections for this watch. This iconic beauty has so much history about it, and as of late, urban myths told by watch guys. Word on the street is that Rolex has considered discontinuing the steel version of this reference. Frankly, these stories make me want it more – I am a sucker for something I can’t have. 

Rolex Titanium Yacht-Master

Next up is the hot Rolex of Watches and Wonders 2023: the Titanium Yacht-Master. This beast has had less sightings than big-foot. I called a few of the Rolex ADs I know and every single one told me that they have yet to even see one! Checking watch forums and resale sites shows that little to none have been offered. 

Lemans Daytona Rolex 100 Anniversary

Lastly, the new Le Mans Daytona. I have never been a white gold kinda guy, until this beauty came on the scene. It is frankly unreal cool with its red ‘100’ on the ceramic bezel and whitish subdials that pop out of the dial. This is one watch I wouldn’t turn down no matter the cost. 

These are three Rolex watches I would love to be wearing in 2024. If the opportunity strikes and I get the call, I won’t hesitate to pick these up. Tell us in the comments below what Rolex you hope to get the call for in 2024. If you're in the market for a strap for your Rolex watch, keep Everest in mind!

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