Rolex Unveils Titanium Yacht-Master 42

Rolex Unveils Titanium Yacht-Master 42

Rolex titanium Yacht-master Lug

Today is the first day of Watches and Wonders Geneva 2023. Participating brands just unveiled their new releases to the public, and of course, Rolex’s are of utmost interest. One of their new releases the titanium Yacht-Master 42 – didn’t come as much of a surprise. Let’s take a look at this watch, its specifications, and how we saw it coming.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 in RLX Titanium

Titanium Rolex Yacht-Master 42

Image Source: press center

The new Rolex Yacht-Master 42 is made of RLX titanium: Rolex’s grade 5 titanium alloy that debuted on last year’s Deepsea Challenge. This new Yacht-Master comes on an entirely brushed Oyster bracelet (with EasyLink extension), abandoning the polished center links found on other Yacht-Master bracelets. The titanium Yacht-Master 42 is otherwise congruent with past models: in-house caliber 3235, svelte curved lugs and case design, embossed bezel, 3 o’clock date window, 100 meters water resistance, etc. 

Rolex Titanium Yacht-master press image

The Yacht-Master is known for its comfortable low profile design. Titanium compliments this wearability by reducing the Yacht-Master’s weight. Of course, titanium is just as strong as steel and even more corrosion resistant. This is intuitive for the Yacht-Master: a watch that was purpose-built for sailing. Professional sailors need a lightweight watch with ample water/corrosion resistance.

How Did We See This Coming?

Sir Ben Ainslie wearing prototype titanium Yacht-Master

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In my recent article predicting the titanium Yacht-Master (I got one right!), I discussed a 2020 interview with sailor Sir Ben Ainslie that confirmed his ownership of a titanium Rolex Yacht-Master. This no-date prototype was photographed on multiple occasions. Following the release of the titanium Rolex Deepsea Challenge, it was clear that Rolex intended on implementing the material in more of their collection. The Yacht-Master is a perfect progression: it’s not as earth-shattering as a titanium Submariner or Explorer, but far more intriguing than the 23mm-thick Deepsea Challenge. Furthermore, Rolex’s recent teaser video showed an embossed Yacht-Master bezel and brushed surfaces on the lugs and case-side, essentially confirming this release.

Final Thoughts

The titanium Yacht-Master – while not a complete surprise – is an exciting release from the crown. I love the fact that Rolex is showing willingness to experiment. This is one of many novel ideas from Rolex this year. Stay tuned for more coverage here on the Everest Journal.

Rolex Titanium Yacht-master buckle

all other images and Header Image Source: press center

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