Three Alternatives To The Rolex GMT Master II

Three Alternatives To The Rolex GMT Master II

One watch that has always talked to me is the Rolex GMT Master II. Back in 2009 it was actually the first Rolex I ever bought, more specifically the all black 116710LN version. It is an iconic timepiece that is forever in style. However, there is one catch, you cannot buy it at retail price. I know it hurts to say this out loud, but it is true. So, here at Everest we are going to help you get a watch to hold you over, instead of dropping three times the retail price on Chrono24 for a used GMT Master II.

Planet Ocean Omega GMT

First up, we go with a direct competitor to the GMT Master, the Omega Planet Ocean 600M Co-Axial Master Chronometer GMT 43.5. This watch comes in a few bracelet/strap variations, but one thing I think that jumps out at me is the bi-color black and white bezel. It is noted on Omega’s website that it is the first watch to come with a bi-color polished black and white ceramic bezel. The watch utilizes Omega’s inhouse movement, the Caliber 8906. It has the co-axial escapement that you only find on an Omega and is incredibly resistant to magnetic fields. Additionally, the movement has a 60-hour power reserve. The watch is 43.5mm wide in case diameter and is 17.0mm thick. Lastly, the watch is waterproof to 2000 feet or 600 meters. This is a pretty impressive alternative to the GMT Master, when you note that the price point is around $8000.00.

MONTA Skyquest V2 Gilt

Next, we go a different direction, the new MONTA Skyquest which was recently released. The price is about ⅕ of its competition at $2190.00 (in pre-order with an early November delivery timeframe). The price goes up to $2435.00 once the pre-order is complete. It utilizes a Sellita SW330-2, with a 52 hour power reserve and the movement is highly tuned by the staff at MONTA. A few aesthetic points to note, this watch's dimensions are close to the GMT Master II. The bezel and dial dimensionally look similar, and the coloring offerings are similar to what Rolex has offered in the past. The watch comes in three color variations and the Swiss made aluminum anodized bezels look truly gorgeous next to the semi-matte dials. The case is very thin at 11.8mm thick (the thinnest of the watches reviewed here) and the overall case is 40.7mm wide. The watch has three patents on the bezel, and the watch has a tooless adjustment system allowing you to size the bracelet to your wrist on the fly. Frankly, the bang for buck with the MONTA is hard to compete with. 

Last but not least is the Tudor Black Bay Pro. This particular GMT watch is very inspired by the Rolex Explorer II. We are not complaining about this one bit, and it is a welcome styling with Tudor mimicking the Rolex models with their variation on each popular vintage Rolex reference. I especially like the use of the lume plot on each hour, giving a very vintage look to the watch since the indices have a printed feel to them. The hands are not polished, rather they have a painted matte application that also gives the vibe of a vintage watch. The case dimensions are 39mm wide and 15mm thick, so it is a little thicker than I would like to see, but still very acceptable. The watch has the most amazing T-Fit clasp that we covered recently in another article. This particular T-Fit clasp has a similar adjustability to the MONTA, giving it the ability to be adjusted without tools. The pricing is a competitive $4000.00 on bracelet and $3675.00 on strap. Overall, I really love this watch and another major plus is that this watch is common in Tudor retailers- so you can get access easily!

We hope to have helped scratch the itch of the GMT with something that is likely to be loved just as much. Depending on your budget, one of these three is a perfect alternative to the GMT Master and will put out the fire burning in your heart….at least until you get the call!

Also, if you already got your GMT and want a strap for it check out these options HERE or need a great tool to remove the bracelet check out this ONE!

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