Tudor T-Fit Clasp And Bracelet: The Game Changer Move For Tudor

Tudor T-Fit Clasp And Bracelet: The Game Changer Move For Tudor

For the longest time, Tudor did not have a clasp that really wowed me. The quality was there, the way it clasped was nice, but the sizing adjustment system was frankly archaic. Then back in 2012 the Tudor Pelagos arrived on the scene, and I thought to myself that the world was going to change overnight with Tudor and their entire collection was going to have an easily adjustable, toolless clasp…Well, I was wrong for almost ten years, until 2021.

We all know that Rolex owns Tudor. Rolex has blown away the world for almost 12 years, since the Rolex Submariner 116610 was released and with it the Glidelock Rolex clasp. This baby was revolutionary and still is today a decade later. You can easily adjust the size of the bracelet by about 20mm without any tools. It is just a simple, beautiful way to size your bracelet in or out. This design was intended for a diver to easily adjust their bracelet while their wetsuit increases and decreases in size, and in turn affecting your wrist size while going higher/lower into the depths. For me, and really 99.9% of Rolex owners, it makes for an easy adjustment in daily life. 

Tudor Pelagos Bracelet Clasp

However, Tudor did offer a similar system on the Pelagos that allowed for a 3-slot adjustment and additionally a unique free floating system that would automatically adjust on the wrist to meet the needs of a diver’s depth. This bracelet, being simply an amazing feat of engineering, was only offered in Titanium and only for the Pelagos. Making the ever popular Black Bay lines unable to utilize this system. Then in June of 2021, Tudor released the Tudor Black Bay 58 Bronze Boutique edition and with it a special clasp that we had never seen before, the Tudor T-Fit “Rapid Adjustment” system. Let me say this now, my prayers have been answered.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze Edition Clasp T-fit 

Image from deployant.com

I was lucky enough to get this special Tudor with this new bracelet and clasp about two weeks after its release, and as much as I thought the watch was cool - the clasp blew my mind. It allowed the user to adjust the clasp in length by about 8mm without tools. This was more than enough for me to adjust to changing pressures and wrist size shrinkage/growth. I figured at Watches and Wonders  2022, this would become the new standard on all models but I was wrong. It did however make it to the new Tudor Black Bay Pro, Tudor Pelago 39 and the Tudor Ranger in the last few months. 

Black Bay Pro Clasp

The T-fit clasp has been modified in length from the original on the Bronze Boutique Black Bay 58. The Pro, Ranger and Pelagos all have different lengths depending on the model. One item that slightly frustrated me is that the Tudor Black Bay Pro’s bracelet does not fit on the original Black Bay 58. I personally tried to get it on and they are just far too different in end link and integration into the end link to use. 

From a technical standpoint the T-Fit Tudor clasp utilizes a spring based system. It has a similar adjust mechanism to the Rolex Submariner. This is pretty hard to explain if you have not seen it, so we have decided to use the Tudor video to explain it…

Video from Tudor Watch's YouTube Channel

In conclusion, the new T-Fit clasp system on Tudor could be the game changer that Tudor fans are going to go crazy over. This new system is also going to make some haters go buy a Tudor now that they do not have a single complaint. Overall, This is definitely a great thing for Tudor and watch lovers.


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