The Story Behind My Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono Alinghi Red Bull Racing

The Story Behind My Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono Alinghi Red Bull Racing

Does branded storytelling actually compel us to buy watches? The short answer is yes! Let me take you along the buying journey of my new Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono Alinghi Red Bull Racing.

It all began last year when Tudor released this timepiece; I immediately found it intriguing. Recently, my local authorized dealer got one in stock. Just before heading to Geneva for Watches and Wonders, I had the chance to see it in person, but decided to wait on a purchase until I saw the new releases that awaited me.

Tudor Pelagos FXD Chrono

Upon arrival in Switzerland, I wasted no time in visiting various watch stores, including the Tudor popup. To my delight, they had both the time-only and chrono versions available for trying on. While I admired the simplicity of the time-only piece, the chrono captured my attention for several reasons: its lightweight and comfortable design, slim profile at just over 13.5mm thick, date function, and the impressive MT5813 movement.

After spending some quality time with the watch, it lingered in my thoughts, occupying my mind rent-free. The following day, at Watches and Wonders, my anticipation reached its peak as I eagerly awaited Tudor's booth unveiling. To my surprise, half of the booth was dedicated to the FXD Alinghi Red Bull Racing watches, complete with a yacht perched on top, symbolizing the brand's dedication to this remarkable timepiece.

Later on in the week I had the great pleasure of meeting with Tudor at the show, which only solidified my desire for the FXD Chrono. As a token of appreciation, they gifted meeting attendees with a stylish Tudor-branded Alinghi Red Bull Racing hat, further fueling my excitement. Upon returning home, I immediately contacted my AD to confirm the availability of the Chrono, and to my delight, it was still there, waiting for me.

Now, let's talk about the specs of the FXD Chrono: a 43mm black carbon composite case, a manufacture Calibre MT5813 movement based on the renowned Breitling B01 chronograph movement, and all at a price of $5,275 USD. With its exceptional value proposition, pairing high-quality craftsmanship with an affordable price tag, the Tudor FXD Chrono ticks all the right boxes for me. Tudor seems all-in on this platform going forward, especially given their recent release of the FXD Chrono 'Cycling Edition'.

In conclusion, this watch represents not only a valuable addition to my collection, but also a memorable keepsake from my unforgettable trip to Watches and Wonders 2024 in Geneva. With its unique story and exceptional features, the Tudor FXD Chrono Alinghi Red Bull Racing truly speaks to my watch-buying desires.

Here are some of my favorite strap pairings with the FXD: both Everest single pass 22mm nylon straps.

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