2024 Tudor Watch Releases: Live From Geneva

2024 Tudor Watch Releases: Live From Geneva

This morning, we quite literally watched Tudor pull back the curtain to unveil their new releases, giving us the chance to see each one up close. Let’s go through every new model individually, providing a brief description and exclusive photos. Much like our Rolex release recap, you can expect this article to be updated throughout the day with more images and further details as we obtain them.

New Tudor Black Bay in Black

Tudor Black Bay Black

As we predicted, Tudor released a black bezel and dial variation of the core 41mm Black Bay. The original Tudor Black Bay was overhauled in 2023, introducing Master Chronometer certification, a five-link bracelet, and numerous tweaks to layout and proportionality. However, this updated Black Bay only came with a burgundy bezel, leaving the black gilt reference with its original case, bracelet, and movement . . . until today. The new 41mm Black Bay in black comes on three different bracelet offerings: a rubber strap, a five-link Jubilee-style bracelet, and a three-link Oyster-style bracelet.

New Tudor Black Bay 58 GMT

Black Bay 58 GMT

Next up, Tudor added the first-ever complication to the Black Bay 58 collection: a GMT. In a small and perfectly-proportioned package, we now have a Black Bay 58 GMT with a black-and-red ‘Coke’ bezel and black gilt dial. This long-awaited watch is listed at 12.8mm thick. This slim profile is achieved by Tudor’s in-house caliber MT5450-U. The watch is offered in two bracelet variations: a rubber strap option and an three-link Oyster-style bracelet with the T-fit clasp.

Solid 18k Gold Tudor Black Bay 58 on Bracelet

Solid Gold Tudor Black Bay 58

A few years back, Tudor released a gold Black Bay 58 with a green dial/bezel. This watch came on an alligator strap with an additional fabric strap included. Today Tudor took this watch to the next level, offering it with a full gold bracelet. The watch boasts a very reasonable price of $32,100.00: solid value for an solid gold dive watch watch on an solid gold bracelet. While discussing this watch at the Tudor booth, I was informed that those who purchased the previous gold Black Bay 58 can now purchase the matching gold bracelet for approximately $17,000. This is a first for Tudor: directly offering the bracelet of a watch purchased on a strap.

Tudor Clair De Rose

Tudor Clair de Rose Blue Dial

Tudor is now offering the Clair De Rose with a beautiful blue guilloche dial -- still in three different case sizes: 26mm, 30mm and 34mm. The dial -- which can be had with or without diamond indices -- features a guilloche inner-circle surrounded by a flat blue ring. 

These four new watches show that Tudor is upping their game and listening to their customers. With a focus on small sport watches such as the Black Bay 58 GMT, value-oriented luxury watches like the gold BB58, and color optionality with the Black Bay Black, Tudor continues to impress their audience and cater to their tastes.

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