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Complicated Vintage Rolex Watches
Three Rolex watches in particular leap to the forefront as we take a look at complicated Rolex watches from the past. The first two, ref. 8171 and ref. 6062, both feature moon phase complications. The last model, ref. 4113, is...
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A Closer Look At the Rolex Oyster Perpetual
Before we get into the modern Rolex Oyster Perpetual models, it is important to look at the history. It all started with a movement in 1931 when Rolex patented the self-winding perpetual watch movement. In 1931, this new movement was...
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Rolex: Inexpensive to Own
After reading that headline, you readers are probably thinking I’m nuts. A watch brand with entry level watches starting at $6000 – $8000 cheap to own? How can this possibly be? You can go to any mall jeweler and pick...
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To Date or Not To Date – One Writer’s Opinion
Yeeaaahhh, no. This Journal hasn’t turned into advice for the lovelorn – unless you’re suffering from unrequited love for a simple three-handed watch, sans a date function. At issue is society’s tendency to be so calendar-driven, so deadline-driven that we...
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