Rolex Predictions 2024 Recap: Our Comprehensive List

Rolex Predictions 2024 Recap: Our Comprehensive List

With Watches and Wonders 2024 just around the corner, everyone is wondering what Rolex has up their sleeve. Of course, nobody actually knows – Rolex’s airtight secrecy is unparalleled by most anyone or anything – but that’s what makes prediction season so fun. As futile as they may be in practice, Rolex predictions give us the opportunity to think critically about Rolex’s strategies as they relate to marketing, product releases, and perhaps most interestingly, maintenance of such an iconic institution. We at Everest have published quite a few Rolex predictions thus far, and today, I’d like to compile them all, including brief summaries/teasers, as well as links to each individual article. 

Rolex Titanium Predictions

Rolex took a calculated approach when introducing titanium into their catalog. They started with just a caseback, eventually took the full-titanium plunge with a low-production model, and finally last year, released a broad-market offering with the titanium Yacht-Master 42. It’s clear that titanium is here to stay, but where will it go? In our Rolex titanium predictions article, we pose two possibilities: Explorer and Submariner. For details on both, read our full Rolex titanium predictions.

Rolex’s New Ceramic Bezel Patent: ‘Coke’ GMT-Master II Comeback

A recently published patent, filed by Rolex, details the manufacturing process of a bi-color ceramic bezel insert, “notably red and black” in nature. While this doesn’t confirm the release of a red-and-black ‘Coke’ GMT-Master II in 2024, it certainly indicates the possibility of one. For patent details and further discussion, check out our full ‘Coke’ Rolex GMT-Master II prediction article.

Colorful Enamel Rolex Day-Dates

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Christian Zeron of Theo & Harris posits that last year’s Rolex Day-Date ‘Puzzle Dial’ could be an indicator of Day-Dates to come. With the tandem-released Oyster Perpetual ‘Celebration Dial’ containing all colors of Rolex’s past (2020) OPs, the enamel ‘Puzzle Dial’ could contain all colors of future enamel Day-Dates. Will we see these enamel Day-Dates in 2024? Rolex’s continued production of a few models makes me think otherwise. For more information, check out our full enamel Rolex Day-Date prediction article.

Rolex Submariner 70th Anniversary Predictions

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Whether or not you (or Rolex) count 2024 as an anniversary year for the Submariner, our lack of anything Sub-related in 2023 leads us to believe we’ll see something this year. If Rolex were to honor the anniversary of the Submariner’s official release at Basel Watch Fair (in 1954), what would a 70th anniversary Submariner look like? More broadly, what will the next anniversary Submariner look like? For this prediction article, I enlisted the help of our team at Everest, all giving their thoughts on what they’d like to see in an anniversary Rolex Submariner. To read everyone's picks, check out our full Submariner 70th Anniversary Predictions.

New Rolex Milgauss with Patented Technology

A recent Rolex patent details the use of lead-free “eco-brass” as a balance wheel material. With this simple material change, Rolex watches’ resistance to magnetism stands to nearly double. Of course, any Rolex innovation regarding magnetism brings the Milgauss to mind. If we see the revival of a Milgauss, what might it look like? For our full thoughts, check out our 2024 Milgauss Prediction article.

Rolex Yacht-Master II: Redesign or Discontinuation?

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The Yacht-Master II is one of the most interesting yet outdated designs in Rolex’s catalog. Much like the Milgauss early last year, people are wondering whether Rolex will redesign or discontinue the model this year. To read more of our thoughts on the Yacht-Master II, how Rolex might improve upon it, and whether we’ll see redesign or discontinuation, read our full prediction article on the Yacht-Master II.

White Dial ‘Polar’ Rolex Explorer

While enthusiasts have predicted this release for years, I believe 2024 has unique potential to be the last. I won’t say too much more on this one, but I will say that since I published the article, I’ve heard my thesis paraphrased by numerous people online. To hear my complete reasoning, read our full Polar Explorer prediction article.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller’s Return to 40mm

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Inspired by Malaika Crawford’s The Plea for Proportionality, this article touches on the potential for Rolex to offer the Sea-Dweller in its traditional 40mm size alongside the existing 43mm version. If last year’s 40mm Explorer release showed us anything, it’s that Rolex is open to providing size optionality in their core collections. For more thoughts on a potential new Sea-Dweller, check out the full 40mm Sea-Dweller prediction.

When Will Rolex’s 2024 Releases Come Out? 

While this isn’t a watch-specific prediction, it’s a broader discussion of how Rolex might release new watches this year. With more and more brands moving away from the traditional trade show release framework, Rolex stands to create their own path, and they’re already doing so. For more thoughts, check out the full 2024 Rolex release prediction article.

Rolex’s New Marketing Strategy: Event Drops and Beyond

Much like the previous prediction, this article delves into Rolex’s divergence from the traditional trade show release schedule, highlighting their recent one-off releases aligning with events like the Oscars and Formula 1 races. For more thoughts and info on Rolex’s evolving marketing strategy, read the full article.

Community Rolex Predictions

Finally, we asked you to submit your Rolex + Tudor predictions to In this article, we highlighted our three favorite community predictions, giving our input on each one. If you want to see a modern Daytona on Jubilee, check out the full community Rolex predictions article.

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