Production Photo Released – Unique Insert Part!

Production Photo Released – Unique Insert Part!

Parts manufacturing update!!! This a picture of the insert that is embedded in the rubber band for your Rolex, these pictures arrived late this afternoon. The reason we are showing this, is due to how small and the complexity of this part, making it an amazing feat of modern technology. The exacting tolerance that is needed is unbelievable. Our unique design allows for the snuggest case connection with a perfect mechanical and molecular bond to the Rubber (TPE) material. This is totally incredible technology that no other rubber watch parts manufacture in the world does. This simply is a first!

everest rubber watch band

By creating this single insert part, with its complex geometry, we have added incredible strength beyond any rubber watch connection ever. Entirely, the watch band industry does not take the time to create parts like this due to the complexity of the molds. We at Everest felt that we must create a superior product since it is being used on a superior watch. So, why is it clear, you ask? We are using a clear, unpigmented polycarbonate to ensure the strength of the insert. Additionally, since the part will be over molded in rubber, it will most likely never be seen. Stay tuned for the completed production strap version next week! Completely made to EXACTING STANDARDS!!!

everest rubber watch strap

In closing, we are halfway to our financial goal with kickstarter. We made this for the Rolex community to enjoy their watches to the fullest, so we need you to become a client so we can fully complete it. Again, you are not just buying a watch part, you are supporting American ingenuity and production. If you have not already, back us at kickstarter to purchase your Everest Band: HERE.

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