A New Connection that fills the gap

Everest Bands has taken on the daunting task of perfecting a curved end watch strap that provides the solution to a 50-year-old problem - the unsightly gap between the end of a watch strap and the case of a Rolex watch. Everest's first idea for Rolex wearers was a revolutionary rubber watch strap. Over time, the idea has evolved. Everest offers a patented a steel end link strap system but also uses additional technology in Everest's other strap lines. A permanent ABS plastic insert is embedded inside different strap material, so it will connect flawlessly to the watch case.

Since embarking on this journey, Everest has expanded to Tudor and Panerai models as well.

Learn More About the Everest Strap Series

One of the unique characteristics of Rolex sports models is the connection of the solid end link to the case of the Rolex watch. To make a strap for a Rolex watch, one must first think about how it looks on the watch itself. Since Everest creates straps that keep the essence of a Rolex, the strap must hug the case perfectly.

Swiss-Made to Perfection

With innovative designs and materials, Everest follows three cornerstones when developing the products. Everest always follows three cornerstones when developing a Swiss-Made aftermarket strap. First, aesthetically, they keep the essence of the watch. Secondly, quality and attention to detail is of the highest echelon with all of Everest’s products. Thirdly, the replacement straps are the most comfortable watch straps available. 

Quality, technology and beauty are the cornerstones of why many wear a Rolex, Tudor or Panerai. With all of the Everest product lines, you will not be disappointed. Everest has a passion to combine function and beauty. 

Everest Bands wants to help Rolex and Tudor owners customize the look of their Rolex or Tudor with different strap options while preserving the bracelet. Everest's Swiss aftermarket watch bands and line of watch accessories are custom created for you to take your Rolex, Tudor or Panerai anywhere. Climb Higher with Everest.