Over The Top Watch of The Month: Sparkling Rolexes

Over The Top Watch of The Month: Sparkling Rolexes

collection of jeweled Rolex watches

image: @ilikerolexes Instagram

We’ve covered a few bejeweled Rolexes in the Everest Journal over the years, including the Jeweled Rolexes take luxury to another level, with gems accenting the carefully designed lugs, bracelet, case, and dial. It’s like topping an ice cream sundae with whipped cream, peanuts, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup AND a maraschino cherry on top. Is this kind of gilding the lily strictly necessary to enjoy your ice cream? Nope, but it sure does make it a lot more decadent! In the spirit of the Roaring Twenties, we present to you three jewel-encrusted Rolexes that will both blind your eyes and rob you blind (and you’ll love them for it.) 

The 116659SABR Rolex Submariner Date with Blue Dial 

We’ll never get over the appeal of a watch with a blue dial, and that’s definitely true for this dazzling Sub Date. Sapphires and diamonds line the fully-rotatable bezel of this 2018 Submariner, each blue stone echoing the sunburst blue of the dial. On the case, the lugs are lined with diamonds, all “invisibly set” so that they’re nearly flush with the gleaming white gold case material. Most of these watches available for purchase range from 150k-200k depending on the seller and the condition of the watch. 

Image by @ilikerolexes

The 116659SABR Rolex Submariner Date with Diamond Dial 

If the 116658 doesn’t have quite enough diamonds for you, maybe you should consider the 116659 SABR which has a diamond pave dial and blue sapphire indices for unparalleled shine. The dial glimmers in low light and sparkles in daylight, and the white gold casing is also covered in diamonds, including the crown guard. To really put the cherry on the top of this watch, you can even opt for a diamond-covered center link in the middle of the Oyster bracelet. 

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The 126755SARU GMT-Master II

The GMT-Master is synonymous with international travel, and with the Rolex 126755SARU on your wrist, you’ll fit in effortlessly in Monaco, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore. This off-catalog GMT-Master has a bi-colored bezel covered in rubies and sapphires, a highly-faceted version of the stainless steel and Cerachrom® bezels on most Rolex GMTs. (The SA and RU in the reference name refer to its construction with sapphires and rubies.) Without markings on the bezel, it’s more of a statement piece than a usable tool watch. However, we’re betting if you’ve invested in a 126755SARU, you probably have more than a few traditional Rolex GMT-Masters in your collection as well. This is the perfect watch to wear to celebrate the end of flight restrictions or country-wide lockdowns when you finally resume international travel. 

Image by @ilikerolexes

Unparalleled Rubber Straps for Luxury Watches 

You may want to consider if any of your luxury watches could benefit from being placed on a rubber strap. Even with bezels that aren’t encrusted with jewels, fluted and polished bezels can benefit from a strap that doesn’t draw attention to itself. Since Everest Bands are made with rubber, not silicone, they don’t have an electrical charge and will repel dust and dirt for years. Update and modernize your traditional GMT-Master, Sea-Dweller, or Submariner with a high-quality matte black rubber strap just like thousands of collectors loyal to our brand. 



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