A Coke GMT-Master II in 2021?

Rolex GMT-Master II Coke
Rolex GMT-Master II Coke

Much ink has been spilled on the intricacies of Rolex supply and demand, including many articles written in the Everest Journal. The whims of The Crown’s production schedule can be difficult to understand. Still, it’s part of human nature to hope, and we can’t stop dreaming about a very particular vision in steel: a 2021 Coke GMT-Master II. Even though we know our wishes for a new GMT-Master II may go unmet, we’re submitting a formal plea to The Crown to bring back the Coke GMT in 2021. In the unlikely chance Rolex’s Head of Product Design stumbles upon this humble blog post (ha!), here are the three top reasons we think Rolex should consider a ceramic Coke GMT in 2021: 

1. A 2021 Coke GMT could have a killer Cerachrom® bezel

Oh how we love all the Rolexes with Cerachrom® bezels. They look crisp and clean on the Daytona, the Pepsi GMT, the Hulk, and several more references. We can’t get enough of that oh-so-perfect transition between black and blue on the Batman GMT-Master II. We can perfectly imagine how Rolex’s monobloc bezel would look with red and black as the two colors. Très magnifique! Sorry, we can only truly express our enthusiasm in another language. 

A ceramic bezel caveat…

We aren’t sure exactly what to make of this, but due to an experiment we conducted, we wonder if it’s even physically possible to make a red and black bi-colored ceramic bezel (without splicing two pieces of ceramic together). OK yes, sure this is Rolex so anything is possible, but it definitely won't be easy. Take a look at our experiment:

We looked at a Rolex Pepsi BLRO dial under a UV light and what we discovered was a bit surprising: the entire bezel was red. This indicates that during the ceramic bezel creation process that the entire bezel starts red, and that one half is chemically treated to create a blue color on top of the red (which even makes Pepsi dials look a bit pink and purple at times, which has been a complaint of some enthusiasts).  What we fear is that when you mix red and black on a ceramic bezel, you will likely get brown. It’s probably safe to say that no one wants a half red, half brown bi-colored Rolex. We fear that the chemical treatment needed to change the color of the ceramic to black, while still keeping the bright red, just might not happen yet in 2021. However, if anyone can do it, Rolex can.

Another thing to note is that maybe, when Rolex was attempting to make a GMT Coke bezel they discovered that brown can actually look pretty good on a Rolex. Maybe the birth of the Rolex Rootbeer was a happy accident during that process. Of course this is all speculation, but it does make us so curious to know what goes on behind the curtain of the ol' Rolex Ceramics Department. Who knows, maybe in attempts to mix ceramics they'll discover something even cooler than none of us have even imagined yet. 

Rolex Coke GMT mock up

2. A third color option is good for everyone! 

Since the Rolex GMT steel collection only comes in two variations the BLRO (the Pepsi) and the BLNR (the Black and Blue Bezel "Batman") a third option could be welcome to all parties involved. As both the BLNR and BLRO are simply gorgeous options a third option to make us all drool over would be frankly good for everyone. The Rolex Authorized Dealer has more to offer, the consumer has a third option, and Rolex has another great look they can create. 

Since the Rolex GMT Master II LN (all black bezel) left the collection just a few years ago, we feel there is something missing in the overall GMT space. An additional bezel color rounds out the entire collection perfectly and fills the void left by the LN model's departure.

Rolex GMT-Master II Coke

3. A 2021 Coke GMT could be put on an Oyster bracelet 

Did we learn to use Photoshop solely to paste an Oyster bracelet onto a photo of an existing Coke GMT? Well, that’s not the only reason, but it definitely played into our decision to learn it. No one can deny that the Pepsi GMT-Master II looks incredible on a traditional Oyster bracelet. We’re willing to bet a 2021 Coke GMT would look great on an Oyster as well. The previous Coke GMT, placed on a Jubilee bracelet, felt a little formal for everyday wear. The choice of a Jubilee bracelet inspired some very strong feelings in collectors. Some people love the intricate design of the Jubilee, and the way the links catch and reflect light. But there’s also a strong contingent who don’t love the way a Jubilee looks, especially on a tool watch. We’d certainly enjoy seeing a Coke GMT with a streamlined case design and a classic bracelet in 2021.

Rolex with a coke bezel

And Speaking of Bracelets... 

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Disclosure: Images were adapted from Rolex.com & Bobswatches.com.


By Meghan Clark   


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