The Cerachrom Insert – The Rolex Ceramic Bezel for Submariner, Deepsea, and GMT

The Cerachrom Insert – The Rolex Ceramic Bezel for Submariner, Deepsea, and GMT

So much of our time at Everest is spent focusing on the unique and timeless design of Rolex and its many sports models, but we felt it interesting to look at the amazing Cerachrom Insert in this article. The unique ceramic bezel insert was first seen on the Rolex GMT II (Ref: 116710) at the Basel World trade show in April of 2007. It became an instant hit due to the scratch resistant surface and perfect shine. The technology of the ceramic insert on the GMT II, is entirely unique to Rolex.

Rolex Ceramic GMT Bezel

Rolex introduced the Cerachrom inserts as now standard also on the Submariner (Ref: 116610) and the Deepsea (Ref 116600). One of the benefits of the Cerachrom bezel is that it is completely UV resistant, allowing for it to never loose its deep color. No matter how harsh the ultraviolet rays may get, the color will never diminish.

Rolex Ceramic bezel

Additionally, the strength and scratch resistance of the insert is remarkable due to the temperatures applied to the ceramic bezel itself. The ceramic material reaches 1500 degrees to remove any impurities and to increase its strength. Additionally, gold or platinum is used to color the numbers on the bezel, giving it a unique Rolex touch of excellence.

Rolex Ceramic Bezel GMT

When it comes to creating a perfect ceramic bezel, Rolex took their time to make what some could say rivals any design out on the watch market. For countless years, Rolex produced its sports’ collection with an aluminum insert that had a luminescent pearl. The technology for the bezel, was usually introduced with redesigns of the luminescent pearl, using a sapphire lens that compressed the glowing lume material. The Rolex Submariner and Sea-Dweller, were both know for these unique bezel inserts with luminescent pearls, but were never very scratch resistant until the advent of Ceramic bezel technology. This triumph of engineering and manufacturing makes the Rolex GMT, Submariner, and GMT a timeless design that will last for generations.

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